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RevJP Vanir

Feb 3, 2019, 1:12:18 PM2/3/19
to Vampyrian TempleUVUP

1. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled Celtic Book of Shadows

2. Rev. JP Vanir added a new discussion Cord Magick with Stinging Nettle Thread BY RADIANA PIȚ

3. Rev. JP Vanir added a new blog titled Not a dictatorship you say?

4. Rev. JP Vanir added a new blog titled Dont understand 

5. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled Everything You Wanted to Know About the Pineal Gland by Dr. Edward Group 

6. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled THE PINEAL GLAND AND THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA By: Gaia Staff 

7. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled Dance of the Maenad: The Shade, Shadow, and Inner Child BY HANNAH SAVAGE 

8. Rev. JP Vanir added a new discussion Chaudronnée Druidique/ Druidic Worship Cauldron By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn

9. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled Astral Travel For Beginners What To Expect and 5 Tips by Amanda Rivers 

10. Rev. JP Vanir added a new blog titled Layla/Lilith and baby's 

11. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled THESE ARE THE REAL VAMPIRES. THEY ARE AMONG US AND THEY DO NOT HIDE featuring Father JP Vanir 

12. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled Blood Handling & Safety by OSSIVOROUS_OOSE 

13. Martin Paraska posted a message on his profile.
"Can anyone explain to me why telecines do not work when the subject is under the glass?" 

14. Rev. JP Vanir added a new page titled A Magickal Use for Anger BY COURTNEY WEBER 

15. Martin Paraska added a new discussion Greatings brothers and sisters 

16. Rev. JP Vanir added a new video titled Vampyre Weddings

17. Rev. JP Vaniradded a new page titled Individual and personal choices - Our own Path by sexta-feira 

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