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Apr 14, 2018, 5:48:05 PM4/14/18
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There has recently been a debate brought up in the community which occurred because as usual someone chose the wrong words and drama sprung up as it so easily does on good old Face Book. The topic originally posted had nothing much to do with donors but Vampyre houses and one person mentioned there house does not allow there donors to join but would rather them not be drug through the Vampyre politics of there house however there wording was not the best and it started a long and drown out debate on whether donors are just Vampyre food or if the belong in the community?! It is every houses personal choice who or what they permit into there own house and no one has any right to make judgments on that but when the word “Food” gets thrown in there it gets a little touchy to many donors. How it all started:

It all started in the VCN on face book (as usual) when someone mentioned they do not allow non-Vampyric people in there lives or House which is completely there free choice and everyone is entitled to that. We here at TempleUVUP allow anyone to join our online Network outer Temple Vampyric or not; in fact we used to have a Donor on our Council. Right now our Temple is not as it used to be but we are fixing our mistakes and growing from the past. From there it went to Donors being referred to as food and several people did not like this and that seems to be a very touchy subject at times esp. to donors obviously. As usual on FB it exploded into a big debate and even reach getfanged: “The Vampire Observer” :


It is true they feed our Vampyric need for energy and life-force but who really wants to be considered food? Look at the way most people treat there food as they torture them when they kill them and even treat them just as nothing more then nourishment and nothing more! Donors however give us a piece of them self out of the kindness of there heart and are not made too unlike other animals – Humans actually get a choice while other animals are stripped of there rights in this world; that is one reason I am Vegetarian. That is why Belfazaar created “The Donor Bill of Rights” and I created “The Vampyr - Life Force Giver/Donor Contract” so each Vampyre and Donor knows there rights as well as there responsibilities. Donors are a rare gift to each Vampyre who is lucky enough to have them and not rely on solely on ambient energy alone and should be treated as such. What they give us is food for us but they themselves are more than that as a few of my online donors are good friends of mine even though I have not seen them offline for a while because of transportation issues and money.

I hope you will check out the Library here on the TempleUVUP Network or this link on Scribd where I have it posted:

My Response:

To each there own opinions on such things. I respect everyone who gives me a piece of them self and it is sad that so many people treat there food so disrespectfully but I respect everything I put into my body and thank it for its gift to me: Regular food, Donor, or otherwise. I bless them for everything they give to me...

I love what Kyleigh Saoirse-Cyrce Pritchard said: "Kyleigh Saoirse-Cyrce Pritchard I see donors as I see a garden. Well loved and tended, respected and nurtured (If they desire it). But it is still a source of food; Just one with my total respect."

© Vampyrian Rev. J P Vanir
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