November 2020 Va Guzzi Riders lunch report

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Nov 23, 2020, 10:13:58 AM11/23/20
to VA Guzzi
 Va Guzzisti,
Awright-Awright-Awriiight! Mother Nature smiled down on us bikers BIG TIME Saturday.  I backed the Eldo out of the garage Saturday morning, by the time I got my Jacket, helmet, & gloves on the thermometer I have mounted inside the fairing was sitting solidly on 70 degrees. It was still reading 70 when I got home late in the afternoon. The sun shone on roads cleaned by recent heavy rains, it just don't get no better, especially for mid November.
I arrived first at Stonehouse Creek Park,  w/Lannis pulling in on his Stelvio a few minutes later. He said he'd come up early & had been riding around the back roads of Amherst county for over an hour. He said "I grew up in Appomattox county 25 miles away & had no idea there were so many nice back roads in Amherst County"  When Bob Corfield  rolled in on his new toy 1400 California Touring a little later he commented that he was very familiar w/all the local roads from riding the mountains & attending Virginia rallies going all the way back to early Sherando Lake days.  Every few minutes we heard the distinctive Guzzi rumble as Allyn Chappell on his V7III, my Son Doug on his California Stone, and Mike Jones on his Son Nate's 750 Breva  arrived, Mike's Convert is still down for repairs, so he borrowed the Breva & Nate rode his Kawasaki. That gave us 7 attendees, all on bikes, w/6 of them Guzzis....not too shabby for November!
We had the pavilion to ourselves all afternoon, there was a little traffic down to the lake, mostly vehicles w/ boat trailers & one dude on an enduro bike obviously having a blast. I'd stopped at the Food Lion in Madison Heights & bought myself a sub from the deli, it appeared that everyone else brought food from home. The tables in the pavilion were bolted down, so we each had our own, well spaced for proper social distancing.
After much discussion of the local roads, the conversations branched out in interesting directions like they always do at our gatherings. From mounting the second front wheel brake cylinder & piping up w/teflon-ss brake hose on Doug's bike, to the little Ford Festiva Cult club diminishing as Lannis is building himself a Toyota convertible & selling his Festiva...But Nate still has 5 (formerly 11!) so the moto-lust for the little cars remains alive in Amherst. After lunch there was a good tire-kicking session w/all the bikes being checked out.
We all rode down to have a quick look at the (muddy) lake before turning around & heading home.
Hopefully, the upward curve of covis cases in Va will have  flattened dramatically by next month & meeting in a restaurant will be an option, we'll just have to "play it by ear".
Ride safe & do what's necessary to stay healthy,
PS: Nate says that Keri's pregnancy is coming along fine & that Mike & Laura's the new grand-baby is due any day. Best wishes for an easy delivery & a healthy Mom & baby       
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