March 2021 Va Guzzi Riders lunch meet report

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Mar 23, 2021, 12:20:06 PMMar 23
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 Va Guzzisti,
Saturday morning dawned chilly, w/temps in the 40's.  The weatherguessers had been pretty consistent in calling for this, so I had checked out the Eldo for the ride on Friday. The footpegs on the V11 & V7III lock my knees in one position...out in the breeze. I'd already had the less-than-wonderful experience of having the artificial knee get chilled, so the Eldo , w/its floorboards, was my ride. By the time I got rolling it had warmed a little into the low 50's, I gassed up at Sheetz in Madison Heights then went straight across RT 29 &  took  Rts 130 & 501 to Buena Vista.  Traffic was light & w/the heated grips keeping the chill out of my fingers I was comfortable & could concentrate on trying the shake off the rust & be smooth through the twisties. The heated grips are a strap-on that goes over the regular grips on the bike, they are ON or OFF, I really need to find a 12 volt rheostat so I can modulate the temp.
I pulled in to Nick's, masked-up & went in to order. I noted a sign on the wall inside saying "Thursday is home made Italian sausage day" They had some on hand, so I ordered a Sausage sub w/added black olives. It proved to be an EXCELLENT choice. I had my sub & was heading across the lot to the Eldo when Mike Jones rolled in. He said Nate was gassing up at a station further up in town. I said I'd see them in the park & headed out. When I called the park to  check on pavilions available for a few hours Saturday I requested the small pavilion up behind the big general purpose where we used to put on our rallies. She said it was available, & that the big pavilion was also open, but didn't know how clean it would be. Having dealt w/cleanliness at Glen Maury for too many years, I was not hopeful.  Pulling up to the big pavilion, the only litter was a few leaves blowing around, the small pavilion was totally in the shade, so, big pavilion it was.  I parked in the sun as Bob Corfield rolled in.  MIke & Nate arrived a few minutes later, followed by Lannis Selz & finally David Phillips. We had a nice line up of Guzzis spanning over 40 years from my 1974 Eldo up to Bob's new 850TT, including Mikes' Convert, Nates' Breva, & Lannis' Stelveo. David caged. The group gathered around Bobs' 850, checking it out, I got into my sub, wanting to enjoy it before it got cold.  The temps gradually warmed to near 60 degrees, at one point Bob laughingly  pointed out that the thermometer I have mounted inside the fairing on the Eldo read over 80...sitting in the sun. We had an enjoyable meet w/plenty of bike & riding gear talk. Those who used the restroom commented that it was the cleanest it had ever been, not smelling bad, there was soap in the dispenser, even the automatic paper towel dispenser worked!  I did notice that none of the antique facilities (sink w/single faucet, urinal etc) had been updated from my first visit to Glen Maury Park for an AMA motorcycle rally in 1985. There have been rumors of the town having financial problems in recent years, I wonder if they are keeping up the golf course they spent so much money on. But, I have to give the park management kudos for doing a better job with what they have than we experienced back in the day. I rode home the same roads  I'd come out on, again trying to apply  all I've learned over the years & being smooth. Lannis followed me all the way to my turn-off on Mt. Olivet Church Rd. In an email exchange he said I didn't hold him up, so I guess I was doing OK.
I've had my second covis shot, so, by the April lunch date I'll have some immunity. I'll be checking our regular restaurants for sheltered outdoor dining areas to "transition" into a new normal. Of course, several of our "covis picnics" have been very nice when we were blessed w/decent weather. If enough of you want to continue doing those, please give me some feed-back.
Thanks, stay healthy, & ride safe,

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