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Оля Кришталь

Dec 4, 2011, 10:31:07 AM12/4/11
I'm student of MIPT, Moscow, Russia. I'm trying to launch Palacios VMM (1.3 from git) on Kitten (1.3 from hg) with puppy linux as guest . I've tried to do this both in qemu (v. 0.12.5) and on real hardware (AMD, Phenom X3, 8650), but every time I have the same problem: it stops booting and hangs after choosing keyboard layout. It prints:

Loading "us" keyboard map...                    done

And stops after that. How can I monitor work of Palacios and Kitten seperately?
I've used default options, but still the same problem. Can you give me your exact default.xml and .config files that you used and, if it is possible, whole iso image to test.

I've tried ti launch my setup with guest_os and guest_mc_os but this attempts were unsuccessful:

Failed assertion in v3_console_open: console_hooks != NULL at palacios/src/interfaces/vmm_
console.c, line 32, RA=ffffffff8027322a

Most of configuration was taken from your webpage (example palacios config). I've changed only host OS to Kitten.

When I've tried to launch puppy with this configuration I got this:


Jack Lange

Dec 4, 2011, 11:00:18 AM12/4/11
Kitten does not support the console interface, so you will need to
either launch a guest which does not require a console or passthrough
guest's framebuffer directly to hardware.

This can be done by adding this to the guest configuration:

<!-- Memory redirections -->
<!-- Redirects a guest's memory region to a host physical address -->
<!-- This region maps the VGA framebuffer to the
host's framebuffer -->

And removing the console devices.


2011/12/4 Оля Кришталь <>:

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Оля Кришталь

Dec 4, 2011, 4:43:50 PM12/4/11
Ok, thanks but it's still not working, and saying this:
Can it be because of Palacios configurations?

2011/12/4 Jack Lange <>
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