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Jan 8, 2015, 1:09:30 AM1/8/15
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Friend Me, Makenzie        12 x 12 oil             SOLD

I have at LEAST 1500 friends.
At least that's what my Social Media Accounts tell me!
One of my friends told me she heard a buzz out there that "blogging is dead". I think FacebookInstagram, and Twitter started those rumors!
I have done BOTH blogging AND social media extensively....here's what I think... I LOVE the "friendships" I have built with Blogging, and my Google Group....Though sometimes I feel like I am "rambling"... I sense that Instagram and Twitter are like that big high school gathering where everyone has a clever comment, but no one listens, and CERTAINLY 
nobody "goes deep".... Have you ever traded quips with someone (usually an argument) and they walk into the room, snap a comment, and then run away before you can reply?....Twitter feels LIKE THAT! I DO like being able to post a picture on Instagram (though EVERY pic is cropped to a "square"...NOT good for some artwork...I like saying just a few words, posting the pic, and clicking a button that will send it SIMULTANEOUSLY to facebook AND Twitter (though, with no pic on Twitter, there is a link to the pic, if someone will click it, but I doubt they do :) So there! I will be doing it ALL while I make up my mind! :) WHAT SAY Y'ALL???
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