How to implement a new track with exist database?

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Jan 28, 2009, 8:54:14 PM1/28/09
to UTGB Users
As metioned in Quick Start, I add new track as myapp.

Compile and Run Portable Web Server, It working well. But, It seems
contains only frames.

As I know it also contains graphical UI for genome tracks.

When I load xml file into myapp, it displays genome tracks with xml.

It means that I should to implement module for making data(xml, json
and so on)

At this point, I wanna explaings my envrionments.
I have a database for predicted genes as below structure.
genes {id, name, start, end, strand} in MySql
And I implemented to get genes's data from database as java objects.

Atfer then how can make bridges from web ui to my module?
I think it will be implement from myapp. But I couldn't know how
involved into web interface.
In a xml, I could saw the below elements
name="BaseColor" height="10" pack="true">
<property key="descriptionXMLURL">["
But, I don't understand next step.

May I have any sample code or guilde line for implement I want?
Please help me!!
Thanks, hava a nice day!!

Taro L. Saito

Feb 8, 2009, 9:08:19 PM2/8/09

We are fully aware of the problem you mentioned, such as lack of
documentation for developing tracks, how to bridge server programs and
web UI, etc.
And as you know, we have some track support based on PHP.

But, we are now migrating from the PHP version to Java in order to
discard the old PHP code, which is no longer maintained. In addition,
Java-based track implementation is not standardized yet. In this
migration, the XML file format for controlling the web interface is
also subject to change (to a simpler description), so we cannot
prepare documentations for this feature.

Currently, we are developing that part aggressively, and hope that it
can be released this month.
When the new version will be ready, I will announce here.

Taro L. Saito
Taro L. Saito
University of Tokyo
Tel. +81-47-136-4065 (64065)
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