visualisation and linking of PostgreSQL data in UTGB

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Sep 24, 2009, 5:02:08 AM9/24/09
to UTGB Users

I would like to visualise genome data from my personal PostgreSQL
database in the UTGB browser. The UTGB web page
explains how to enable PostgreSQL for UTGB. I have already adapted the
track-config.xm to support PostgreSQL. Unfortunately the UTGB
documentation is not very clear to me. As far as I understand, I can
represent my results either in form of an image or a tab-text file
(provided that I have defined the specific output style in the custom-

However, it is not clear to me where in the UTGB source code I can add
my query results and how I can add link the result output with other
data (e.g. external HTTP sites). Is it possible to change the action
listeners for a track or to add 'http refs"?
solid.gwt.UTGBEntry.nocache.js is the first script being launched from
the call http://localhost:8989/UTGBEntry.html?view=custom-view.xml,
further processing is not very comprehensible.

Thanks in advance,
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