Utah Indie Games

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Welcome to the Utah Indie Games Group!

We're a group of individuals in the Utah area that have a passion for creating and playing independent games. We get together every other month for our Utah Indie Games Night to network, chat about the industry, show our current game projects, get feedback, etc.  Our mission is to help foster the indie spirit here in Utah through indies helping indies. Go Indies!

We can be found on the web in a few places. They are:
   Website NEW!
   Google Groups Page (you are here)

Utah Indie Game Dev Calendar (public Google Calendar)
We also have a shared Google Calendar that lists events that would be of interest to our group. You can find the calendar here and you can add it to your own Google calendar by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" button in the far  bottom right.

Utah Indie Game Jam
We usually put on a local competitive Game Jam in the fall. Stay tuned for details.

Utah Games Guild
The Utah Games Guild group helps organize local events where indie can show their games to the public, such as the Salt Lake Gaming Con.

Slack Channel (highly recommended)
The Utah Games Guild also hosts a slack channel for Utah Game Devs. You can signup here.

We have a Salt Lake chapter of the IGDA. They hold bi-monthly meetings and organize the local site for the Global Games Jam in January.