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Trish Elliott-Kashima

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Subject: [BOARD] Motion 2020/21-10 Proposed Bylaw Amendment
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Having heard no discussion in the allotted time period, and with all Advisory Board members responding, the motion passes. The Election Committee will be advised to include the proposed amendment listed on h ttps://www.usgenweb.org/about/proposedamendments.html in the ballot of the upcoming general election.


Moved by Nancy Janyszeski, seconded by Les Shockey, dated April 14, 2021, and numbered as Motion 2020/21-10,
the motion reads as follows:

"I make a motion, by general consent, to instruct the Election Committee to add the proposed amendment to Bylaw XI.C, as posted on https://www.usgenweb.org/about/proposedamendments.html and copied below, and sponsored by NDGenWeb, and co-sponsored by HIGenWeb, NVGenWeb, ORGenWeb, SCGenWeb, ALGenWeb, MSGenWeb, KYGenWeb, UTGenWeb, and LAGenWeb, to the 2021 election ballot for a vote by the membership."

Member responding No Discussion:
Linda Simpson
Nancy Janyszeski
Doreen Harunaga-Ewing
Bob Jenkins
Jeffrey Kemp
Mike Peterson
Rebecca Maloney
Denise Wells
Trish Elliott-Kashima
Les Shockey
MaryAlice Schwanke
David Gochenour
Mary Ann Lubinsky
Dale H. Cook

Members not responding:

Proposed Bylaw Amendment
Per USGenWeb Project Bylaw XVI.B., on 6 April 2021, The NDGenWeb Project is proposing a Bylaw Amendment to revise Bylaw Paragraph XI.C. as follows:

The purpose of the posting at this time is to canvass the membership to acquire additional state sponsors in order to have the proposal placed on the 2021 Election Ballot. Any state wanting to co-sponsor can do so by announcing the sponsorship to an Advisory Board Member and on the USGenWeb-All Mailing List at     https://groups.google.com/d/forum/usgenweb-all (eMail:     usgenw...@googlegroups.com). The Advisory Board can be contacted through any of your Advisory Board Regional Reps, or the National Coordinator at    webm...@cottonhills.com.

C. The local website shall also include a direct link to the state project , an easily accessible area devoted to researcher's queries, and any additional requirements specified by the state organization."

Michelle Savre, NDGenWeb State Coordinator
Mike Peterson, NDGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator

Co-sponsor 1: HIGenWeb; Trish Elliott-Kashima, SC; received 4/9/2021.
Co-sponsor 2: NVGenWeb; Rebecca Maloney, SC; received 4/9/21.
Co-sponsor 3: ORGenWeb; Bob Jenkins, SC; received 4/10/21.
Co-sponsor 4: SCGenWeb; Jeff Kemp, SC; received 4/11/2021.
Co-sponsor 5: ALGenWeb; Jeff Kemp, SC; received 4/11/2021.
Co-sponsor 6: MSGenWeb; Jeff Kemp, SC; received 4/11/2021.
Co-sponsor 7: KYGenWeb; Jeff Kemp, SC; received 4/11/2021.
Co-sponsor 8: UTGenWeb; MaryAlice Schwanke, SC, received 4/13/2021.
Co-sponsor 9: LAGenWeb; Marsha Bryant, SC, received 4/13/2021.

Linda K. Lewis
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project ℠

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