OSIS call notes July 6 2009

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RL 'Bob' Morgan

Jul 13, 2009, 1:16:08 PM7/13/09
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Expeditiously prepared by Paul T, delayed by me ...

- RL "Bob"


Notes from the OSIS call July 6th 2009, 3PM EDT, noon PDT US


* John Bradley
* RL "Bob" Morgan
* Mary Ruddy
* Paul Trevithick
* Uppili Srinivasan



Bob sent an email to Gerry Gebel WRT space for a meeting at Catalyst. Bob
pinged Brett McDowell and he expressed interest in attending. Tentative,
proposed time: Tuesday afternoon (of Catalyst).

This meeting would be to explore opportunities for collaboration on
interop and compliance/conformance testing. Historically OSIS and Liberty
(and now Kantara) have each done different kinds of interop/conformance
testing. The Liberty approach has focused on SAML conformance testing by a
professional organization including a branding program. The OSIS approach
has been comparatively informal and engineer-driven. Both are interested
in coverage of SAML, OpenID and IMI. Both may be able to gain from
activities and resources of the other. This meeting is to bring together
the relevant folks and discuss this.

ACTION ITEM: Bob to put this topic on the wiki


John brought up the idea that had been suggested by Kaliya and others about
how these two organizations could/should work together.

John explained that the IDTrust member section is generally supportive of
Identity Commons(IC), OSIS, etc. OASIS generally has bilateral agreements
with the ITU, etc. that involve IPR agreements. There isn’t really an IPR
regime at IC. He explained that the member section can do a liason, but the
liason member must be a member of OASIS.

Bob suggested that this could provide an additional channel at IDTrust to
encourage more folks to test.

John said that traditionally OASIS has not been involved in testing. But he
agreed that publicizing testing might well be encouraged by a liason level
of interaction. In any case it was agreed that getting more IdTrust
individuals involved in testing would always be a good thing.

3) XRD

The Shib project has engaged the services of Will Norris. Will has been in
the XRI TC working on XRD. The overlap areas WRT to XRD are in SAML
metadata and SAML discovery procedures.

John explained that XRDS is used in the proposed Higgins relationship card.
It involves publishing a special claim (see resource-udr here [1]) that
leads to an XRDS document.

Paul mentioned the often discussed notion of using XRD as common format for
RP policy advertisment/discovery. Bob pointed out that this overlaps with
some of the functionality in the ECP profile. Paul pointed out that some
(though) not all members of the IMI community think that this use of XRD,
while overlapping with the IMI standardized methods (the <object> tag and
the RP STS) has some advantages over these.

Bob said that XRI TC has been around the block a few times with XRD. It
looks like it is getting pretty close. He said it would be nice to see some
of these specific use cases be fed to the XRI TC to make sure that it
benefits from them.

[1] http://wiki.informationcard.net/index.php/Claim_Catalog#2009 – see

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