Win 7 64 hotplug support

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Juri Vrljicak

Aug 31, 2021, 2:25:35 PM8/31/21
to usb4java
I am having troubles with this arch (it is a working webapp in Linux that I have to port).
It works with a proprietary signature pad.

The problem I have in windows is that LibUsb.hasCapability(LibUsb.CAP_HAS_HOTPLUG) returns false.

I tried everything I could read about. Including using Zadig to change drivers for that specific device. I tried libusbK, WinUsb, libusb-win32 (...). I also tried using the  UsbDk (Usb Drivers Development Kit for Windows) and settting OPTION_USE_USBDK.

I am at a dead end. 

Any ideas?

many thanks

Juri Vrljicak

Sep 3, 2021, 3:01:51 PM9/3/21
to usb4java

The way I workaround this issue was to:



1. create an entry in file

            usbServices = UsbHostManager.getUsbServices();

        // add a listener to receive events when the host has changes
        // (e.g. device is unplugged or is plugged in)
        UsbServicesListener servicesListener = new MyListener();

This way I receive the plug and unplug events.
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