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Harrow, Kenneth

Jan 31, 2023, 12:23:58 PMJan 31
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RAHEEM Oluwafunminiyi

Jan 31, 2023, 1:52:38 PMJan 31
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When will the same so-called UN expert call for a probe into real war crimes by the US, France and the UK in Iraq, Libya and Syria? 

Raheem Oluwafunminiyi
Latest article: “Inheriting Sango: The Duro Ladipo Museum at the CBCIU (Nigeria),” in Simone Bogner, Hans-Rudolf Meier and Michael Karpf (eds.), Practices of Inheritance: Metaphors, Materialisation, Power Constellations, Weimar: Bauhaus University Press, 2022.
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Emeagwali, Gloria (History)

Jan 31, 2023, 2:57:33 PMJan 31
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Definition of war crime: 

A war crime is any retaliatory action committed by people who are brave
 enough to choose their own  allies  and challenge the dominant 
empire-  for folks who underestimate our intelligence and / or are 
naive enough to believe the hype.

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