UI and UPENN: Elon musk and neural links

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Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

May 27, 2023, 4:55:10 PM5/27/23
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Elon Musk ,Gabriel Ivbijaro,Fela Bright and I; Much ado about Neural links
the news is awash that Elon musk has been given approval by the fda for the neural link ad implant into the brain. on that same day, yesterday i was with one of the worlds top neuroscientist cum psychiatrists Professor gabriel ivbijaro ex president world mental health association and president world dignity project. .he is an expert on all; those things musk is out to do with brain inplant.s what a coincidence !.and oblivious of musk i had only just written yesterday about neurosurgeons, leadership and delicate situations in respose to Girish managing director TOLARAM COLGATE conglomerate. the russio ukranian crisisi in mind. delicate decision making.!! maybe Elon musk should leave this problem to the neuro scientists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists. it perhaps bothers on Human dignity. man is not a machine like one author put it , THE FUTURE IS ANALOG!

Elon musk is obsessed with planet Mars by the Greeks the planet of agric and aggression with clear skies. its said men are from Mars and Women from Venus. i am interested in planet venus by the Greeks the planet of peace,politics and diplomacy. interestingly the next investigative trip to venus is code named, VERITAS, which happens to be the motto of my old school,loyola college ibadan! by jove!
elon musks owns teslla motors whereas i was conferrered with the title SECRETARY for Nigeria of the tesla memorial society,of NEW york,
Elon Musk is a product of UPenn and I was at UI
elon musk read physics and economis after leaving physics i penned a write up titled physics and economic growth,physics and economics was a much preferred combination by fela bright first president of the physics students association, university of ibadan now moving to actualise a space centre at ibadan. he is as tall as elon musk owner of space x.
U penn the first university in usa and UI the first tuniverty in Nigeria,
Benjamin Franklin founded U penn, a physicist born january 17 1706 whereas UI started lectures on january 18 1948,75 years ago
upenn and ui had the first student union buildings in usa and nigeria and first medical school, and first wman head of business school #mentalhealth #future #growth #business #university #leadership
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