Flood, fire safety,insurace, security and job creation in nigeria

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Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

Feb 2, 2023, 9:07:35 PM2/2/23
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There is fire every where in nigeria. this is something for the insurance men and women.i looked up and i found out that the king of fashion david kolawaole vaghan lost his factory and house to fire i was shocked i almost developed a heart attack because i thought,DAKOVA IS A FORMALLY EDUCATED PERSON DID HE NOT TAKE OUT INSURANCE?

as if dakova fire was not enough then i read about my former contact on linkedin dr manzo maigari who lost 500 hectares of farmland to flood, a stagering 2 billion naira/ i though but he is a formally educated person does it mean he did not take out insurance?

now dr maigari is the director general of the nigeria agric businees group and former commisioner of agric kaduna state! which seem to sugest that if at that level they are not patronsing insurace then it stands to reason that 20 milion nigerian farmers have no insurace covering their farmlands.

insurance is only telling you that it is better to have 95 per cent of a safe business than having 100 pecent of a business that is notexacty safe.

paying for insurance is what you can call allowable loss in business. i first got this idea of allowable loss from the billionaire businees man and senator orji kalu. former governor of abia state.

you might even have to look beyond your nostrils when it comes to insurance. look at it in terms of the enormous number of jobs you would be creating if you took insurance .in that way nigeria becomes safer for according to governor abiodun of ogun state there is a nexus between unemployment and insecurity.

what"s more seems the insurance men are making money they would be required to pay tax for the privilege of making money and thn you can have tax funded welfare programmes in nigeria.

take paper and pulp industry do you know currently , there are 300,000 jobs created oversea in the pulp and paper industry. assuming we could trap those jobs as otunba gbenga daniel would wish and senators ekpeyong and 25 other senators.it means we could increase the number of jobs because of the quantity of paper used by insurance mn, and so many other things used by insurance men produced in nigeria, you are looking at an enormous number of jobs.

before choosing to insure dakovas property, the insurance man would order a risk asesmemt such that dakova would be reqired to put in place certain things to secure his property like fire extinguisher, smoke detector, burglar alarm , ccctv camera. again looking at scale it creates an enormous number of jobs so its a win win situation.

Nigerian is rated 62nd in the world as far s insurance penetration is concerned bthis might be of interest to the chief of defence staff General Lucky Irabor who had affirmed a need for an exponential creation of jobs and the chief of army staff who has espoused the idea of non kinetic approach to the insurgency and criminality in general

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