Letter to the retrenched USA Tech workers on Nigeria and Africa

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Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

Feb 1, 2023, 9:31:47 AMFeb 1
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Letter to the retrenched Tech workers of Google,Metaverse

.Twitter,Amazon, Microsoft  and Ford

Dear Tech worker in USA like my mother would add every beginning 

Must have an end. You ae leaving with knowledge, skills, competencies, contacts, networks , reputation, amd even money. So you have lost little thais if you have lost anything at all. Maybe yu are just changing trajectory.

         Take  it that it was time to move on, congratulations!

Now do not go popping pills, abusing drugs or alcohol.

There is no need to slip into depression. 

Eat bananas for a good mood,take mangoes and citrus to curb depression

Get yourself a huge hug from time to time from your love ones.this

Would release the feel good hormone oxytocin.bask in the early mornin su

For the vitl vitamin D to curb depression.do not forget sleep 8 hours from 8 pm

, sleep is medicine/

Take some quotable quotes from te philosophers.if you do athlete you should 

be fine.

Dear Tech worker I would like you to meet or read the following Authors

0   leaving microsoft to change the world by john wood.see wikipedia.

1 Hesan Jafari initiator of the social web, Boonoob. It is a boon to friendship

 And an orbit around happiness, though i would have loved meaningfulness instead

Hesan jafari is out to spre happiness to 2 billion people.  In addition to encouraging

 the feeding of the homeless. Boonoo is about we its not about me, its about experiences

 Not about material things..its about doing things offline and online i thought that he could also create opportunities for waiters, barber, hairdressers and independent filmmkersand book shops

   2     Gordon brown on seven ways to change the world

3  bernie sunders, its okay to be angry about capitalism

4ed miliband, Go big, 20 bold solutions to fix the world

5 carolyn steel,  SITOPIA  how food can save he world

5   Rowan Hope ,how to spend a trillion dollars.the ten global problems we can actually fix

6  The Upcycle by micheal  braungart  and william mcdonough

7 making Africa work by olusegun   obasanjo et al

I presume some of these individuals would make your imagination go wild and provoke your problem solving skills,

And a few figures to ponder

A 7 milion babies bornevryyer in nigeria with 60 per cent stand therisk of jaundice with theresulth that they may be visually impaire, hearin impaired, brain damaged and dveloin cerebral palsy,

B 20 million nigerians children out of school

C, 100 million nigerians expos to contaminated water,

D 40 million nigerians defecating in the open

E133 million nigerians experiencing multidimensional poverty

F nigeria has the  worlds  worst access  to electric power supply.

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