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A.G. Cuomo : States raiding pensions , broadband nowhere and the usual rascals everywhere

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Nov 24, 2009, 5:33:13 PM11/24/09
Dear A.G. Cuomo :

Thanks for your hard work for consumers and taxpayers not only in
N.Y. State but in the whole country , your concern for competition and
transparency is vital, with you in your office, we know the Rule of
Law is alive and well, what would happen if you leave ?

1) All U.S. States are facing huge deficits due to the bad decisions
made in the last years: the lack of advanced manufacturing , the
lack of Energy Independence and the total lack of new vision , of new
technologies, of new jobs and new training and again, the lack of new
factories is part of the disaster, and combined with the Credit-
Default-Swaps and derivatives schemes, they have ruined everybody,
America lost 5 trillion dollars by the end of 2008.

Some State Senate's and State Assembly's are talking about raiding
Funds from Public Authorities, from retired workers, seniors, state
workers, disabled workers , etc. , and we all hope you will keep your
smart eye on the rascals , they have shown their incompetence and
corruption over and over again, let's make sure they don't raid the
whole States Savings and bankrupt everybody to cover their mistakes ,
thank you very much for being there !

Also in the last weeks we have learn that the Pension Benefit
Guaranty Corporation , , has lost 33.5
billion dollars while his Investment Banker CEO was chatting away with
some "operators " of Wall Street, how is that possible ? and now they
tell us that another Investment Banker is taking his place ? to clean
up the rest ? why put another Wall Street "operator" again ? didn't
we learn anything form the first 33.5 billion disaster ?

Could you please check the accounting now and the precise status
before the new rascals get in, and watch them all along ? the new
rascals are the same group of "expert advisers", just like Orin Kramer
and Morris ( Havesi ) advised the New Jersey and New York State
Pension Systems respectively and in the end the losses were also
staggering, are we going to step on the same rock again ?

a ) "Financier to Head Federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Unit"

BlackRock and Goldman Sachs , influence of Wall Street over Millard
and 33.5 billion dollar losses in Pensions assets

b ) "How Firms Wooed a U.S. Agency With Billions to Invest"

2) In the Stimulus Package part dedicated to broadband, we see the
same "advisers" and no action after 10 months ! , we need right now
every Rural Area in America ( and in your great State ) with
broadband, with at least 3 to 5 megabits per second symmetric or
close, so that every community gets a chance to start e-business no
matter how far they are from the cities and towns, we need to empower
everybody in America, but in this story below we see already
distraction, delays, confusion, more delays and the " Big Telcos and
Cable buys " getting ready to kill competition and create huge
monopolies , and no broadband in sight !

Could you and your great team keep one eye on these rascals, too ?

Mr. Cuomo, if you don't do it, no one will, because we know that
Washington D.C. will not do a thing, they are incompetent and corrupt
to the core, and we know that much !

Please remember the little consumers, the little taxpayers and all the
workers, they got no one on their side !

Ideally, if you could also work with A.G. Holder and U.S. Att. Patrick
Fitzgerald in these issues an others, it would be great for all the
Taxpayers and consumers, clearly this is all ORGANIZED with military
precision and it ain't the USA Military.

Government moves to speed broadband stimulus

3) in the New York Times, November ,13,2009 : " Ethics Watchdogs
Snarl at the Messenger " , ,
we learn from the House Ethics Committee ( elected officials ) and the
new Office of Congressional Ethics ( political appointee's ) , , and so far so good until we found out the
next day , November ,14,2009, on , in the
Washington Journal call-in program that one of these O.C.E.
appointee's is none other than Porter Goss, the ex-director of the
C.I.A. when all the documents and tapes from the torture of prisoner's
were destroyed and also while the Foggo-Wilkes-Cunningham corruption
scandal was coming to light and made Porter Goss resign on the spot ,
and we still are waiting to find out why Goss resigned on the spot and
went home while his friends,partners and associates above went to
jail, and why do we have Porter Goss ( and the rest of the political
appointee's ) at the O.C.E. where they can start Investigations on
elected officials and pressure them - or worst - for political or
economic gain ? why put the House of Representatives against the wall
GOVERNMENT ? ... we know that many House members are incompetent and
corrupt, we all know that, but to put a group of political appointee's
above them so that behind closed doors they can make deals, start
investigations, close them down, etc., etc., is to put organized
racketeering methods on top of the House of Representatives , what's
going on ?

And on top of it , we see the USA media transformed into a massive
neocon monopoly ! The CEO and Publisher of the Los Angeles Times ,
Hartenstein, is now chairman of Sirius-XM Radio, take that for
monopoly !

Dear A.G. Cuomo, can you check on these political appointee's at the
O.C.E with powers over House elected officials ? something is very
wrong here.

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