Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part F - Daryl S. Kabatoff

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Sep 6, 2021, 7:03:31 PMSep 6
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part F - Daryl S. Kabatoff
September 5th 2021 1:25 pm 93,133 words

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Honour killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.’” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“They are not sexual assaults, but ‘honour’ rapes.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

"We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." - Joe Biden speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Who remembers the Armenian genocide? If they can’t remember the Armenian genocide, who is goink to be concerned about the Jews?” - Adolph Hitler speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

People have such great compassion for their pagan fertility rites, they stick Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches and on the very top of their blinkin’ evergreen tree idols, in front of Saskatoon City Hall, at the entrance of the University of Saskatchewan and at our cemeteries, and even use the pagan penises as war memorials for the soldiers that gave their lives for us (to keep us free), and they party and laugh. I said that it is no surprise that your priests and ministers are ramming their penises up your children’s arseholes as they already advertise themselves with dinks on the roofs of their churches. They responded by repeatedly arresting me and driving me past the Egyptian obelisks (penises) at the front gates of the University of Saskatchewan and delivering me to a Hindu psychiatrist who said that I think too much about penises, but again, it is not me that thinks so highly of penises that I would place one on the roof of a church, and besides Hindus attain their spiritual bliss via orgasm. The Indians at One Arrow First Nation responded to it all by placing a statue of Chief One Arrow on top of an Egyptian dink and by having their daughters sterilized with carcinogenic nasal swabs and so-called vaccines. Other Indians responded by helping Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford. Happy families having their “Christmas” (use of God’s Name in vain, NOT His Mass) celebrations, united in pagan fertility whoreship. It did not matter to the Indians whether they held traditional aboriginal beliefs, or if they were Catholics, Protestants or atheists, they all took part in the annual celebration where they get their trees to blink. Those upper caste Indians that obtained free grants of reserve farm land at Muskoday First Nation and other reserves have among the nicest of the blinkin’ trees. They place their traditions, themselves and their family members above God. Even the atheists adopted the Catholic fertility rites and so became Catholics. The Catholics not only like the evergreen tree as a symbol of fertility, they build penises into their church architecture, they place Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches, they have priests and ministers that ram their penises up your children’s arseholes, and they have Hindu psychiatrists that proclaimed that it is I who thinks too much about penises, yet Hindus gain their spiritual bliss though orgasm. Anyway, in defense of the Doukhobors, they do not put Egyptian penises on the roofs of their Doukhobor prayer homes, they only stick Egyptian penises on the very top of their blinkin’ trees, then sometimes place a pentagram on top of that Egyptian dink, and it was largely the Seventh-day Adventists who taught them to adopt and embrace this pagan shit.

Every three weeks I tried to defend my sanity by saying that the Bible repeatedly condemns turning trees into decorated idols, once Dr. Gene Marcoux heard me say this at a psychiatric appeal panel hearing and said I was deluded because everybody does it. The row of Catholics seated on the opposite side of the table smiled and gave Dr. Marcoux permission to continue torturing me with the brutal drugs. Dr. Marcoux once bluntly told me that my posters were crazy, and that if he ever heard of me putting up posters again he would have me hauled back to him at the University of Saskatchewan where he would administer another round of “treatment” (brutal horrid torture that went on year after year after year). This is all after Crown Prosecutor Terry Hinz and his friends maliciously prosecuted me, Terry Hinz was a close friend of my girlfriend’s family. She left her parent’s home and we lived in a suite together, an acquaintance of mine raped her in our home while I was out working. The rape traumatized her, she acted very strange and did not tell me she was raped, I got a psychologist professor from the U of S to come to our suite and see her, and shortly after he visited, Dr. Roger Martin blew his brains out with a shotgun (that didn’t help my mental state). More likely Dr. Roger Martin never blew his own brains out with a shotgun, he was telling stories to his students about how the CIA was funding torture research at the University of Saskatchewan, and likely the CIA decided to shut him up.

Very shortly after she was raped, my girlfriend was pushed into the psychiatric facilities for “treatment.” I began to stutter for awhile and it took me years to understand what happened to her. A subsequent girlfriend who lived together with me in Montreal informed me that she was raped before she met me and I responded by laughing uncomfortably, I did not know why. She asked me why I reacted in such a way to the news but I did not know, it would still be a few years before I understood that my previous girlfriend was raped. Whether it was trauma from the rape and the subsequent loss of my lover that blocked my mind, or perhaps I am simply slow minded and stupid, I do not think I am deserving of years of psychiatric horror as a reward for putting my posters up on city street poles, for criticizing the Catholic church, or for whatever reason. My girlfriend was traumatized by the rape, the parents blamed me for her downfall and were fortunate enough to have a close friend who was a Crown Prosecutor.

The magnitude of the horror of the psychiatric drugs is so enormous that nobody on this planet is deserving of such treatment. The horror of the psychiatric drugs is so overwhelming that all I can do is spend the rest of my life trying to convince people to stop psychiatry, but instead they laughed at me (and libeled, assaulted and robbed me) and allowed their children to be injected as well. It wasn’t so bad that I was maliciously prosecuted, it wasn’t so bad that I received years of brutal horrid torture as a result, the issue I have is with people’s compassionlessness. Some knew of or suspected the horror of the psychiatric drugs and ignored it, others laughed. Some downplayed the horror of the psychiatric drugs saying that they know of some child receiving psychiatric care and said the drugs were helpful, they did not stop to think that the psychiatrists treat their patients differently, and sometimes brutally in order to stop unwanted behavior (such as postering city street poles or saying that the churches were run by racists who proclaimed that they civilized the cannibals in the South Seas and Africa while ignoring the cannibalism conducted by Freemasons and other witches here in the west).

This coming “Christmas” (not His Mass, use of God’s Name in vain) will likely be the last one you will celebrate with your children, who are now rendered infertile and are twitching and convulsing from the death jabs, and who are sure to be dead by the following pagan fertility tree holiday. Make sure this final blinkin’ tree (erected for four months from November 2021 through February 2022) is the best one ever. Put lots of sparkles and blinkin’ lights on your God-damned decorated idol. Just be aware that I am crying out to God against you compassionless God-damned Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers, I am asking Him to honour His assorted promises in Scripture and terminate your lives and the lives of your ignorant children. Consider not repeating internet libel and calling me a pedophile for I have not sexually abused anyone, all I do is cry out to God against you and pray for your deaths. Just as you are ok with people being tortured in psychiatric facilities, I am ok praying for your deaths. Just as you are ok with laughing at me when I complain about years of brutal horrid torture, you can start being ok with me laughing at you when you lose a child. You people are truly compassionless turds, the God-damned shit of the earth, I so desperately desire your deaths. Sometimes Jesus removes His protection from your family members and you lose one or more (Hosea 4:6), then you double down and get an even bigger tree and decorate it to a greater degree.

In the news there is a drought in Canada, farmers are liquidating their cattle as they have neither hay nor water for them. And in the news, the evergreen trees being raised for the purpose of being used as decorated idols have suffered from the drought, many of their branches have turned brown, many of the trees are now unsalable. The psychiatric medications were are real horror show, made my jaw lock open, made my skin, lips and tongue turn to hard leather, made my brain pound in pain, made me nauseous to the greatest degree. I complained to a psychiatric nurse about what the drugs were doing to me and she laughed and said it was my own fault for not drinking enough water. So it is with the farmers and the growers of evergreen tree idols, they are losing their livelihoods because they are not drinking enough water. I will continue to pray for your deaths and laugh at the loss of your children, the loss of your farms and livelihoods, and the loss of your nation until you God-damned Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshipping pricks show me some love and compassion, pay me reparations for the many years of brutal horrid torture, for the other brutal assaults and for the libel, and outlaw psychiatry and psychiatric medications (which all have death as a side effect). I think that you are going to have to kill the psychiatrists, kill the psychiatric nurses, kill the psychiatric support staff (the Somali janitors and the predominantly Filipino food servers), and kill the heads of the universities and hospitals that allow this horrid shit to go on in our cities, or they are ultimately going to kill you and your children (especially if you or your children speak in defense of truth as opposed to speaking in defense of Catholic fertility rites). The Freemason judges that strip people of their rights and send them off to psychiatric “evaluation” (a euphemism for many years of brutal horrid torture) will have to emigrate to another nation or will eventually lose their lives here, I predict. Some prosecuting attorneys are complicit and should consider fleeing Canada with their families now, take a few psychiatric nurses, judges and lawyers with you. Apply, maybe the entire God-damned lot of you psychiatric people and lawyer people can emigrate to Finland or to Sweden or maybe to Australia. You will find Islamists and others studying to become psychiatrists, Trudeau allows them to “work” (torture people to death) in Canada without them being Canadian citizens, they all have to go. For example, if there is a Saudi Arabian student studying psychiatry in Regina, that Saudi Arabian Student could go back to Saudi Arabia. Or if there is a Pakistani student studying Chemistry in Saskatoon and synthesizing new explosive compounds, that Pakistani student should be given the option of going back to Pakistan. Or is there is a Bangladeshi student studying Physics in Saskatoon and doing research on nose cone designs, that Bangladeshi student should be given the option of going back to Bangladesh. Psychiatrists commit multiple brutal murders, their families should not be allowed to inherit the wealth gained through this employment, they should leave their money and other assets behind before they flee. Just so you know, the psychiatrists are the brutal enforcers of a tyrannical and evil world, and you people are compassionless turds who allow them to practice their “arts” while you laugh at, rob and assault their victims, and allow seats in universities and trade schools to be taken up by Islamists.

In the news the Democrats abandoned perhaps as many as 40,000 Americans in Afghanistan and are now allowing tens of thousands of Afghans (Islamists) to move to America. And Trudeau too says he will bring in at least 20,000 Afghanis (Islamists) to Canada over the next few weeks. The Afghani females (aged 12 to 45) will remain in Afghanistan to be sex slaves, and so Biden and Trudeau will be bringing “male” Islamist soldiers to the USA and to Canada, while abandoning perhaps as many as 40,000 Americans in Afghanistan. Biden and Trudeau are making plans to import tens of thousands of Islamists from Afghanistan while having no plans to recover up to 40,000 Americans abandoned in Afghanistan. There must be over a million Afghanis already here in Canada and the USA, the majority are male and of fighting age, and are likely experienced and battled hardened soldiers. They will cut your throats at night while you are sleeping and then rape your wife and children, and the media will not report on it, and if you try to discuss it on Facebook then you are a racist and will be banned.

Justin Trudeau (he is an Islamist) calls an election for September 20th 2021 and quickly promises to bring over 20,000 Islamists from Afghanistan to Canada as an election promise, and this promise may very well get him re-elected as there are already a GREAT NUMBER of Islamists here ready and willing to vote for him. Trudeau is installing Sharia compliant judges to the Canadian courts, soon all the judges in Canada will be Sharia compliant. Many of the white Canadian women are devoted to Marxism (Liberals, NDP, and Democrats are all communist parties) and to the BLM (Marxist) movement, and are devoted to endless third world immigration, ALL the white women together permit this Islamic evil to advance. Justin Trudeau also made a campaign promise to prevent people who did not take the death jab from flying, says he will not allow those who refused to take the death jab to fly in the same aircraft as those who did, this campaign promise is actually a threat. The ballots are counted by machines that are compromised, Trudeau won the previous election via fraud and calls a new election now while the ballot counting machines remain compromised, and while Facebook and the media are still allowed to censor issues that pertain to the coming election. Because of the electoral fraud Canadians are about to enter into civil war, but they do not have a hope as they are twitching and convulsing from the Wuhan death jabs. Canadians also do not have a hope to win the coming civil war because God’s angels in the final days are sent to harm you rather than assist you. The Canadians will fight for religious freedom, it is a freedom where they are free to have me and others who criticize the filth in their churches arrested and tortured by Hindus under the mental health act.

In the news Americans are discussing impeaching Biden. But Biden was elected through fraud and by censoring the opposition and keeping Americans ignorant of most issues that were relevant to Americans, especially during an election. You cannot impeach somebody who is in office illegitimately, they can only be shot or hung. Impeachment is for the removal of a democratically elected president, not for a usurper. Similarly Obama is an Indonesian Islamist and was and is not and will never be eligible to run as the leader of the free world. By allowing an Indonesian Islamist to rule America turned America into an Islamic nation, who then proceeded to enrich the Taliban and other Islamists. Obama funded Islam while Islam exterminated Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. They can do it but you are not allowed to say it.

Normally the western governments send shipments of arms to Islamic nations and get their own western taxpayers to pay for the arms when the recipient Islamic nations default on the bill, but now the Democrats have found a new way to provide arms to Islamists, all they had to do is withdraw the American troops and abandon perhaps as many as 40,000 Americans in Afghanistan together with the night vision optics and other advanced weaponry. I expect that much of the night vision optics abandoned in Afghanistan will soon be trucked around Canada in Sikh-driven transport trucks. With night vision optics and support from Trudeau, Biden, Prince Charles and many others, the Taliban will now have an easy time taking the farms, towns and reserves across the Canadian prairies. The Islamists are not here to collect welfare, they are here for the land. The Islamists who are in Canada already will soon be compelled by the Taliban and ISIS, who are now arriving here, to fight along with them. The Taliban and ISIS have an ally in the African migrants, who have recently torched over 300 American cities and vast amounts of forest lands.

Rather than laughing at, robbing and assaulting the victims of psychiatric horror, consider instead killing a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse, a University President, the head of a University’s Department of Medicine, or their support staff, including professors, secretaries, janitors and food service providers. Psychiatry destroys everybody it touches, the number of dead is huge, you would be saving many lives by killing a single psychiatrist. But I don’t think the readers will kill any psychiatrists or such, the readers are more likely to be beheaded by Islamists. The Islamists will behead you to prevent you from killing a psychiatrist, or so they’ll say. The psychiatrists and the Islamists both preserve public order, and they are supported by the Catholics and the Marxists. The readers are dying of the depopulation jabs, and if they complain too loudly they will be arrested and given to psychiatrists who will tell them that they think too much about depopulation jabs.

I think that you are more likely to be forgiven by God for killing a psychiatrist because he or she is a murderer who kills thousands over the course of his or her career. I think you would be more likely to go to heaven after killing a psychiatrist as opposed to robbing and/or beating a victim of psychiatric horror and then being unrepentant of the crime. The media would be sure to demonize you if you were to kill a medical secretary, perhaps the secretary of the Head of Medicine, or a secretary in The College of Law. Similarly the media would be sure to demonize you if you were to kill a janitor, but you might find public support if that janitor was a Somali. It seems the majority of the janitors at the university are male Somalis, and the majority of the food service providers are female Filipinos. Probababbly the media would still demonize you if you were to kill a Filipino food service provider who is employed at a psychiatric ward, even if there were lots of them. It may be possible to bring psychiatry to an end without having to kill those Catholic female Filipino food service providers working in the psychiatric wards. Similarly it may be possible to bring psychiatry to an end without killing those Islamic Somali janitors who found their employment at the same or at similar psychiatric torture facilities. I think it would be racist of you to kill a male Islamic Somali janitor who works at a psychiatric ward, but in your defense you could always say that you only wanted to kill janitors but they just happened to all be Somalians. Similarly it would be racist of you to kill female Catholic Filipino food service providers employed in a psychiatric ward, but again in your defense you could say that you only wanted to kill food service providers but they just happened to all be Filipinos. And then the media would also demonize you by calling you sexist if you killed the female Filipino food service employee or a female nurse or a female secretary, the media is pretty sneaky, they got you either way. If you were to kill a female Filipino food service provider and they accuse you of being sexist, I guess you could defend yourself by saying that you only wanted to kill food service providers but they just happened to all be female. Then just think of the trouble you could get into if you killed a male Filipino food service provider working in a psychiatric ward who identified as a woman. To be fair, it is not likely you will find a male Somali janitor who identifies as a female, or find a female Somali janitor who identifies as a male, as the male Somalis would have that person killed long ago.

Where do you draw a line in the war against psychiatry? For example, do you only target psychiatrists or do you also target the janitors that work in the psychiatric wards as well? Or do you also target janitors who work in other wards in that hospital which hosts the psychiatric facilities? Or do you target janitors who work at other medical buildings at a campus which houses a psychiatric ward elsewhere? Or do you target the university’s janitors throughout their entire facility? Do you only target psychiatric nurses or do you target nurses working elsewhere in that hospital which is hosting a psychiatric ward? Anyway, there is a time for war (Ecclesiastes 3:08), but choose carefully who you are warring against. Psychiatry, psychiatrists and psychiatric medications can all be removed from operation in your communities by simply removing a few janitors and food service providers from other university facilities, but again, since the janitors and food service providers are all Somalians and Filipinos, you would likely be called a racist if you were engaged in such a program. And then when considering that the janitors and food service providers that you kill are male and female, they sneak in the sexism charge against you as well. Yep, the media would demonize you and call you a racist-sexist, or maybe a sexist-racist. In the good old days you could just go and kill some God-damned-son-of-a-bitch without being called racist or sexist, what has become of this world?!!! Now people come to Canada from the Third World and commit horrid crimes against Canadian citizens and they are never labeled as being racist or sexist. The Third World comes to western nations and systematically enslaves, rapes and kills women and children, yet somehow they are neither racist nor sexist, they are the religion of peace, if anything they will be rewarded by being given unionized employment as janitors at the University of Saskatchewan. Wouldn’t it be nice if Trudeau only brought Islamists to Canada who would cut your heads off but without them being neither racist nor sexist? I tried to teach people in my community that they were turning trees into decorated idols, but they determined the words were unwanted and employed predominantly Hindu psychiatrists to torture me for years, good thing these people torturing me year after year after year were not racists. I shudder to think what would have happened to me if the Hindus and Catholics torturing me were sexist, or worse yet both racist and sexist, or if they harboured some other malignancy. Odd that the University of Saskatchewan’s food service providers are predominantly female Filipinos and the majority of their janitors are male Somalis, yet this is neither racism nor sexism. And no Islamists nor Filipinos get tortured in the University’s psychiatric facilities, both groups are much better than that.

My suggestion is that you pray to Jesus about the issue of psychiatry and war. Vengeance is God’s yet you may still physically fight for your human rights, indeed Jesus commanded you to sell your clothes if that is what is required for you to raise the money so you could buy yourself a weapon. When you wage war do so with deception, use strategy and tools that will allow you to fight again another day… it would be much safer for you to kill janitors working in other departments (Physics, Chemistry, Education and Engineering, for example), than to kill the janitors working in a psychiatric ward nearby. When there is a psychiatric program being waged at a university, then all university employees place themselves at risk, consider not working at a job where people are being tortured with horrid drugs somewhere on the job site. The deaths are real, can you not see that psychiatry has already declared and is waging war? Pray to Jesus over the issue of psychiatry in your community. Sadly whenever you folks get together for prayer, you end up turning trees, homes, churches, shopping malls and entire cities into a blinkin’ temples of fertility. Grow some balls and force the closure of psychiatry and an end to third world immigration that desires to cut your heads off, or flee, maybe fly in a Yak to Yakutia. Or if I was elected mayor I’d just work with city council to pass a law preventing the use of psychiatry in the city, I imagine. And I imagine you are compassionless and unrepentant Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshipping pricks, all I can do is cry out to God against you and your children. You are ok with me and others being brutally tortured in the community, I am ok praying for your deaths and for the deaths of your children. My prayers seem to be working, how are your prayers working out?

I think you white women in North America are about to become Islamic sex slaves. It is more likely that white children and women will become an Islamic sex slaves rather than seeing them even attempting a revolt against this Islamic invasion. The white women regurgitate the belief that Islam is the religion of peace while Christians are an evil force that enslaved Africans and native Indians, then the following day the Taliban or some other Islamic group will move into their American and Canadian communities and change their minds. The white men will try to defend the honor of the white women and defend our nation by showing off their hockey cards, automobiles and fine clothes, as that is what is dear to them. Not too many Cree women will be turned into sex slaves because their noses and nostrils are way too big, they are just not that attractive. I think that instead of turning the big-nosed Cree women into sex slaves, ISIS and the Taliban will just get them to do all the cooking and cleaning. The Islamists will largely avoid raping the big-nosed Cree (huge noses and huge nostrils) and will make sex slaves out of the more attractive aboriginal women belonging to other Indian tribes. If anybody is going to be raping the big-nosed Cree women, it will likely be the big-nosed African Islamists or the big-nosed Cree male “warriors”. Why God leaves me to point this out to everybody is beyond me. And I’ll just avoid the controversy of their big lips, best to leave some things alone. Suffice to say is that this is Anthropology and Anthropology is a science. They teach Marxism at our universities, which is not a science… then the Marxists are allowed to burn American cities and forests yet the Cree Indians march with these Marxists, perhaps thinking they are practicing science. The Cree will be angry at me for practicing Anthropology and mentioning their big noses while they are happy with the Marxists who burned down the forests and the cities, and then marched in solidarity with these assholes. The Marxists burned down over 300 cities and torched huge amounts of forests, then the big-nosed Cree, who see themselves as the protectors of the forests, marched in solidarity with the forest-burning Black Lives Matter Marxists, perhaps because the Cree and the Africans both have big noses. The Marxists are allowed to burn cities while I am not supposed to talk about the big noses (and nostrils) the Cree have. The world has gone insane.

Maybe you are waiting for Christmas (the use of God’s name in vain) before you raise a finger or your voice in defense of one or more of the victims of psychiatric horror, or maybe the following summer you will be prepared to speak out, or after your kids leave home, or after your parents pass away, or after you take another holiday. Just sit back, mutter an empty prayer and go tithe to a church that teaches you to embrace the pagan shit, everything is sure to work out. Maybe keep collecting the $2000 per month in COVID relief benefits from Trudeau, adopt a Somali child, maybe use the time to learn to speak Urdu. Just be cool, watch the videos on BitChute and Brighteon, and get ready for the coming “Christmas” (use of God’s name in vain) holidays. It seems that everybody making videos and posting them on BitChute, Brighteon and similar “Freedom” platforms exposing the evils in society are in agreement that they should continue to celebrate Christmas and continue to wish everybody a Merry Christmas (Merry Christmas from Catholics Lisa Haven, Shiela Gun Reid and others). Rebel News and the rest are far more likely to defend Catholic fertility rites than defend some poor slob who was or is being tortured in psychiatric facilities (hardly a soul on these “Freedom” platforms find psychiatric torture worthy of mention). Make sure to express outrage if somebody decides to burn down your phallic-capped church, in the mean time, dress well, stay calm, be a model Christian as you wait for your pagan holiday to draw near. Just sit back, you don’t want to jeopardize your job, it is not your problem, somebody else will deal with psychiatrists and psychiatry (and Islam). Sure the number of psychiatrists is increasing and most of them are Moslems, Sikhs, and Hindus, but it isn’t your problem, you have important Freedom videos to watch on Bitchute and Brighteon and other Freedom websites. Maybe you will even start your own Freedom website some day and use the platform to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, of course those not sharing in the thrill of that holiday can simply go fuck themselves. I have to repeat this… You are ok with me and others being brutally tortured in the community, I am ok praying for your deaths and for the deaths of your children, and you are an absolute idiot if you think that your prayers have power while mine do not. You are a model Christian, calm, collected, in control of your tongue, looking forwards to celebrating the next “Christmas” (use of God’s name in vain, not His Mass), you are an idiot who embraces traditions in place of God’s Commandments and rejoices at me being tortured for years by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists, you are a compassionless turd, the God-damned shit of the earth, about to be spread out like dung over the surface of the earth. Anyway, God proclaims in Scripture that He will spread you out like dung over the surface of the earth, I figure He is pretty smart and has an adequate reason to do such a thing. Maybe He will spread you out like dung, not because you are an unrepentant compassionless turd, but for some other reason. Come punish me further, teach me another lesson, maybe steal what is left of my truck, then get your God-damned trees to blink.

Oh look. The Americans see that their country is being invaded, and they can’t motivate themselves to stop the invasion. The Americans see that their election was subverted but can’t motivate themselves to uninstall the bogus government. Oh look, the Americans are fearful of losing their lavish homes so they sit back, and those that already lost their homes and live in cardboard boxes or tents are now afraid of losing their cardboard boxes or their tents. The Americans are losing their children, the children are taking treatments to change their sex and are rendering themselves infertile while the adults are rendering themselves infertile with the jabs. While the adults are rendering themselves infertile with the jabs they allow their children, who are already rendering themselves infertile with sex change treatments, to also render themselves infertile with the bogus covid jabs and carcinogenic nasal swabs. The Americans are afraid that if they attempt to correct the injustices, then they will be raped in prisons or will be turned into nauseous vegetables in a psychiatric ward. The Americans laughed at people who were being raped in prisons, laughed at those who were being tortured in psychiatric wards, and now they sit back in fear, as they risk losing their cardboard boxes, their tents and their lavish homes. The women are being raped yet wait for additional Africans, Asians and brutal Latin Americans to enter the country, while their bogus government flies and buses the invaders into America’s heartland. As these Americans learn that psychiatrists are torturing white people to death they make additional prayers to their god of the decorated evergreen tree idols. They pray to a baby Jesus (who is too young to speak and rebuke the utter shit that pours out of their God-damned mouths) who they believe is in the arms of Mary (she is actually dead and in the ground), and they pray to Mary and ask her to pass messages on to her Son Jesus, and they look forwards to the coming pagan holiday so they may turn their cardboard boxes, tents and homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility. Those in the know, know that they can go hunting and fishing in Canada. They may learn that for decades the CIA funded psychiatric torture research at the University of Saskatchewan, so they fly to Saskatoon and then catch connecting flights further north so they can hunt and fish. They can’t motivate themselves to stop the invasion but can still motivate themselves to come to Canada so they can hunt and fish. They are ok with me crying out for help to flee the brutal horror of psychiatry, they laugh and they plot ways for me to be censored from their favoured usenet groups. Some Americans give out advice to other Americans and say to use a usenet reader that easily allows them to block my unwanted “penis” posts. I cry out to God against you Americans, and against you Canadians (your last federal election was rigged as well), and against you Australians, and against you Europeans. You are members of assorted fertility cults and now lose your nations to members of alternative fertility cults, and you deserve it!!! Who needs real fertility and babies when you can have real trees that blink?!!! Collectively you folks are a joke who gleefully employed Hindus to torture me when I pointed out the pagan nature of your filthy churches. Catholics employed members of alternative fertility cults to torture me when I pointed out that their Catholic traditions amounted to being that of a fertility cult. It is taboo to criticize the incorporation of decorated evergreen trees into your religious whoreship, I discovered. It is taboo to say that the churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism. It is taboo to say that the churches are racist when they claim that they civilized the cannibals in Africa and the South Seas while they ignore the cannibalism being conducted by Freemasons and other witches in our western countries. The churches make use of psychiatrists to make sure that you do not mention topics that are taboo.

Good thing it is mainly white people being stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities, for if the blacks, Asians and Latin Americans were to be stripped of their rights and tortured as well, society might just come to an end. Increasing the number of Sikh, Hindu and Islamic psychiatrists will go a long way to insuring that it is only white people being tortured in psychiatric facilities, and thereby society will be preserved, or some damn thing like that. And look at the money being saved by killing the white people by blowing a little carfentanil into their faces, killing the white people with these Chinese toxins saves society a lot of money, for it costs a great deal of money to have them tortured to death in psychiatric facilities. We learned our lesson, the cost of making new psychiatric facilities is so very high that it is best to make the new torture facilities by borrowing money from the white children. Put the white children into debt, a debt so high that these kids will spend their entire lives trying to pay the compound interest on the money borrowed to make the new torture facilities, or to pay the compound interest on the money borrowed to put the new Islamic, Sikh, Hindu and Catholic immigrants into hotels, or to pay the mortgages on their new homes, or to provide these pagan immigrants with a good education. I’m sure the new Islamic, Sikh, Hindu and Catholic immigrants really care about the situation of psychiatric horror, they care about it as much as the white people who laughed at me when I complained that I was being tortured by Hindus at The University of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital. The only friend I have is Jesus, and I cry out to Him and request that He honors His assorted promises in Scripture and terminates your sorry ignorant and unrepentant asses.

In the news (not the mainstream news) in August 2021 we learn of some people in western nations who are adamantly refusing to take the bogus covid death jabs, they are arrested and sent for psychiatric treatment. They will receive the covid death jabs in the psychiatric facilities together with a myriad of psychiatric death jabs. That will teach them. Should they ever get out of the psychiatric facilities they can expect to shuffle rather than walk, and incoherently mutter rather than talk, and should be expected to lose their friends and have people rob them of anything they have left of value. Then they will be expected to attend church on either Saturday or Sunday and tithe. Another earthquake and tsunami will strike Indonesia and the Christian church they are attending will expect them to contribute to another Indonesian (Islamic) relief fund.

In the news (not the mainstream news) women in France are increasingly unable to go for coffee in a coffee shop as these coffee shops are run by Islamists and have Islamic customers that make life unpleasant for the women who desire to enter. The women are denied service and are openly insulted and threatened, the Islamists expect the women to stay out of public view. Now in France, both men and women are unable to buy groceries if they do not take the depopulation death jabs. The men in France allowed the women in France to be turned into second class citizens by the Moslem males, then the French men were turned into second class citizens as well, and God permits this because they deserve it.

Not in the news, women in Canada who walk past mosques with their heads, arms and or legs uncovered are told by Islamists that they are not allowed to wander so close to the mosques dressed as they are. This happens at mosques located in urban centers such as in Edmonton where there are people continually walking up and down the street and past an inner-city mosque. The women in Canada and other western nations allow a growing population of Islamists to occupy their cities and make increasing demands upon their behavior. The white Canadian women are told to cover their arms and legs when they walk beside a Canadian mosque, the women ignore the demand and continue on their way, and as time progresses there will be increasing demands that they will continue to try to ignore. The Canadian women do not fight for their right to wear their own choice of clothes and instead allow the Islamists to come here in greater numbers and with increasing demands until the area is only occupied by Islamists and all the women are entirely covered. My suggestion is that when an Islamist standing in front of a mosque informs a Canadian woman to cover her arms and legs, that Islamist should be beaten to a point so that he will no longer be able stand in front of a mosque and make any demands to any women. The women in Edmonton and other Canadian cities are being accosted by Islamists and told to cover up, the women then avoid the streets where they were accosted and the area becomes a no-go-zone, full of Islamists, who become increasingly emboldened to demand compliance to their dress restrictions. Or like in France, the Canadian women are made to feel extremely uncomfortable if they dare to visit a coffee shop, lewd and threatening comments are made, and rather than fight for their right as a free citizen, they instead cower and allow the Islamists to continue with their anti-women and anti-Christian program. The Islamists are actively pushing their Sharia Law where they hope to start beheading the women who do not comply to their dress codes. When an Islamist makes an issue of your choice of clothes and points at your uncovered arms and legs, you should make it difficult for him to point. There is a time for war, but Canadians and Americans are instead busy fighting for homosexuals, communists, for the Catholic church and for Islamists.

As they grow in numbers they make increasing demands upon the societies that they infiltrate. If you do not heed my advice and push back against the Islamization of Canada, then you and your children will be turned into sex slaves and beheaded. If Canadian women are not able to defend their right to wear their own choice of clothes then they should get fitted for and buy their burkas now before the prices of burkas multiplies tenfold overnight, as just happened in Kabul. Because women are not allowed to have businesses, you will have a male Islamist measuring you from behind a sheet and he will sell you the burka, and you better like it. The Islamists killed many overseas and came to Canada with the wealth they stole from their Christian victims, and now they stand on the Canadian streets and issue demands regarding attire to the Canadian women walking by.

The Canadian women tolerate the abuse and the threat to their few remaining freedoms because they are appeasers like the French and the Swedes. The Swedish appeasers allow the Swedish women to be raped, Sweden has become the rape capital of the western world. There are frequent, perhaps weekly, grenades being thrown around Sweden by the new Swedes. One night in August 2021 the new Swedes torched over 200 cars, the new Swedes frequently torch dozens of cars in a single night. In Britain they confronted the problem of British women being raped and whites being stabbed by charging you with hate crimes if you dare to speak out about the bullshit, and they covered their police cars and police uniforms with homosexual and Islamic diversity crap. In Sweden they teach the new Swedes to march and to shoot. And in Canada the new Canadians stand in front of mosques and issue fashion directives to the women who dare to walk past… and the Canadian women, and the Canadian men, couldn’t care less. Appeasers never win.

The Koran repeatedly demands that the Islamic women enslave or kill me, not to cover their faces and hide, what the hell is wrong with you?!!! The Bible doesn’t support the idea that Mary is in heaven, that she is blessed (blessed rather are those that hear the Word of God and obey it, said Jesus) or that we can pray to her (talking to the dead is called necromancy), yet most of the people on earth who consider themselves Christian pray to Mary and consider her in heaven and blessed, again what the hell is wrong with you?!!! The Bible doesn’t support the idea that you should assault, torture and kill those people who criticize your blinkin’ fertility tree idols or who question the presence of Mary, but blinkin’ trees and Mary have become more important than your fellow man, closely followed by the need to hand our nation over to Islamists.

People are asleep and in love with their traditions. Laugh at those who have been stripped of their rights and at a cost of many millions of dollars were and are tortured in psychiatric facilities, then buy a bigger tree and decorate it to a greater degree, and import Islamists rather than showing the slightest bit of remorse or compassion to those who lost their futures and their lives to psychiatric horror. Build another bike lane in Saskatoon, continue to hire non-Canadians to work in the city, build some more psychiatric torture centers with money you borrow from the white children. Brutal horrid torture that went on year after year after year after year and all you can do for me is libel me, laugh at me, rob me and assault me, then fly to resorts and go hunting and fishing. I lost my summers year after year after year after year to brutal horrid torture, after the rounds of torture finally ended how was I to know??? And so after the years of on-again off-again psychiatric torture ended I lost subsequent years of my life living in utter fear of another impending arrest and round of torture, and somehow people think this is funny. The vast majority of you so-called Christians tithe to cannibals and you are so proud, thinking that you are headed directly to heaven. Those that do not tithe to the cannibals running the filthy churches instead tithe to the cannibals running Hollywood, and both groups of sheep are equally proud.

In the news (not the mainstream news) 6 out of every 7 people evacuated out of Afghanistan are citizens of Afghanistan, while the tens of thousands of Americans who were abandoned are being left behind. Also in the news, in excess of one million people have already died from the bogus vaccinations. Everybody who took just a single jab has seriously damaged their blood, organs and immune system and can expect to die within a matter of months. I bet many of these jabbed sheep will use their last breaths to continue to mock the victims of psychiatric horror and accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat while they drape tinfoil on their final blinkin’ trees. The jabbed sheep will unite with the unjabbed sheep, turn trees into decorated idols, wish everybody a Merry Christmas (not His Mass but is a pagan mass, it is the use of God’s Name in vain), and say that I deserve to be locked up and treated for mental disorders because I dared to point out the pagan nature of their holidays. The Afghan refugees really care about this, they will collect welfare, be provided with houses, and they will want to get jobs as janitors and food service providers in the psychiatric wards. The jabbed become ill and go to hospitals, where the hospital staff kill them with a combination of horrid drugs, an overdose of oxygen, and with trays of toxic foods. The jabbed die in the hospitals, making their homes available for Afghan and other Islamic “refugees”. Early during this fraud our Canadian seniors avoided all this mess and were simply allowed to die of dehydration after they were abandoned by the Filipino and Islamic staff in the nursing homes, saving our Islamic government from the burden of returning the senior’s pension funds back to our seniors. People are not drinking enough water.

In the news in Saskatoon, the Big-Nosed Cree children can go get a Wuhan death jab and get themselves a free backpack stuffed full of crap on 20th Street. Every little girl and woman who receives a Covid-19 (the virus does not exist) death jab will be rendered infertile and will likely be dead within months. Some will die within hours, some within days or a handful of weeks or months after receiving the jab. All the little boys and men receiving the Wuhan death jab will similarly destroy their blood and organs, even their sperm will be toxic. Instead of giving your children a Wuhan death jab, give them the gift of a light weight mountain rifle in .243 Winchester, or a light weight Scout rifle in .7mm-08 Remington. Consider teaching your children that God provide us with an immune system that is over 99% successful in combating Fauci’s bat flu. Humans have been successfully combating bat borne diseases with their immune systems (which God provided) for many thousands of years, we are good at it.

The Big-Nosed Cree Protectors Of The Forests marched with the Black Lives Matter Marxists while these Marxists burned over 300 American cities and huge areas of forests. While the Big-Nosed Cree Protectors Of The Forests marched with the Black Lives Matter Marxists (who burned the forests), they ate their Halal certified lunches, and by doink so funded the spread of Islam around the world. Then after marching with the Marxists and funding the Islamists, and after sending the grain grown on reserves to China, these Big-Nosed Cree Protectors Of The Forests allowed their children to receive Wuhan death jabs in trade for backpacks!!! Their Big-Nosed Cree children are no longer fertile but look at the good side, they still have fertility tree idols that blink, a statue of Chief One Arrow stands upon an Egyptian penis, and the Indians now have lots of fertile black friends.

In the news (not the mainstream news), the Afghan resistance fighters are holding the Panjshir Valley, this is just north of Kabul and the abandoned Bagram Airforce Base, likely some of the tens of thousands of Americans abandoned by the Democrats (communists) in Afghanistan have made their way to this valley and have joined the fight against the Taliban. American patriots blessed with some wealth should consider donating some of this wealth to equipping and flying other Americans who know how to shoot to the Panjshir Valley and help defend the region from the Taliban (and ISIS). Maybe some of the Big-Nosed Canadian Cree would be interested in joining with some of the Canadians of European descent and flying to the Panjshir Valley as well. The new Canadians are in Canada for the land, and will not be joining with the Big-Nosed Cree in any battles against the Taliban. Anybody headed to the Panjshir Valley (or anywhere else in Afghanistan that the Americans are hold up and fighting for their lives) should have some night vision optics and heavy machine guns just like the night-vision optics and heavy machine guns that the Taliban have. The Big-Nosed Cree could also consider staying in Canada and fighting alongside the Canadians of European descent in the defense of Canada, these two groups of people signed Treaties in support of one another… Canada is red and white. If anybody is headed to Afghanistan to join forces with the tens of thousands of Americans abandoned there, they had better hurry.

The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands nor give up worshipping demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood which cannot either see or hear or walk; nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their immorality or their thefts (Revelation 9:20-21 RSV). Those who did not die did not repent.


About twenty or so years ago I had a dream of Saskatoon. I was on the 400 block of Second Avenue North, it was summer (or at least there was no snow), the street was deserted, there was no life at all, no indication that there was any life at all in the entire city, there were neither people nor animals present. The few cars on the street were neatly parked, none of the cars nor building were damaged in any way. I looked through the front window of a business at #3-411 Second Avenue North, it was a small Asian restaurant and contained rows of corpses covered in clean white sheets. Everything, all the the cars and this restaurant was neat and tidy, I imagine all the other businesses and houses were in similar tidy order.

About the same time I had a dream of a sickly elderly bedridden white woman, her narrow bed was attached to a wall in a stairwell located between the first and second floors of a house converted to suites on the 500th Avenue of 12th Street near Five Corners. People had to squeeze by her when they walked up and down the stairs. If I were to become mayor of Saskatoon, I would see a shortage of hospital beds, and would remind my constituents that they spent many millions of dollars having me tortured for years at The Royal University Hospital and at Saskatoon City Hospital. And I’d suggest they go and buy themselves some toilet paper and encourage them to try to manage their money a bit better.

And about the same time I dreamt of a tiny viper in the kitchen, because it was so small nobody thought the snake to be a threat. The snake fled under the refrigerator and was temporarily forgotten. Soon after many dozens of vipers poured out from under the refrigerator and filled the home.

I dreamt of four horse jumping east over cars and upon my front lawn, three turned around and jumped over the cars again and headed back to the west, one horse stumbled and stayed behind.

For the first 32 or 33 years of my life I dreamt in black and white, then one night I dreamt of the bright yellow front cover of the B-52’s record album.

About The Author:

Wikipedia states that “Stanley George Reynolds (May 18, 1923 - February 9, 2012) was a businessman, collector, and aviation enthusiast.” He was also a thief who robbed the youth of their treasures, hopes and dreams. He flew around the Alberta countryside looking for cars, trucks and old tractors to steal, then he would head off at night to build upon his collection. Or he would purchase parts and then after scoping out the facilities return at night to complete his acquisition. Stan Reynolds sold a number of old tractors and steam engines to collectors around the world, he would send the machinery without several parts that were crucial to their operation then sell those missing parts later to the same buyers at exorbitant prices. The Alberta government recognized his good works and built him a museum to store and show off his collection - The Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin Alberta. The Canadian Federal government recognized his good works and named him to the Order of Canada in 1999. And then he was inducted to the Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 2009.

I wanted an old car from the 1930’s, spread over many acres was row upon row of old cars and trucks, each was for sale for $1000 or so. I viewed the cars and offered to make a trade to Mr. Reynolds, I would show him mathematical evidence indicating this name and birthday were in harmony with each other and with numbers in the Bible, as all are gifts from God, they are all coming from the same source so there should be relationships, I said. Mr. Stan Reynolds responded by laughing at and scorning me. Likely some of Bill Graham’s cars were among the wrecks, as many years ago Stan Reynolds robbed Bill Graham of several cars and his collection of parts.

My own cars were repeatedly stolen, my parents sold them for a small fraction of their real value and always for a tiny fraction of the money I invested into them. My mother was afraid if I had a car and was mobile, then I would get into trouble. Repeatedly I struggled to obtain a car and repeatedly saw my efforts and my money disappear. My parents kept me impoverished and would take me to Kinley and to Struan to help their relatives on their farms, sometimes I would be taken to Kinley and then to Struan, sometimes I would be taken to Struan and then to Kinley. Other times I would be taken just to Kinley, and other times just to Struan. Eventually people lobbied my parents to shut me up, I would be tortured with psychiatric drugs and then taken to Struan where the wealthy drunken relatives (Phil Donesky and assorted Elloway’s) would laugh at me and proclaim that money talked while bullshit walked. The Elloway’s that were doctors and dentists and would regularly drive to Canada in their new Cadillacs and freeload off of my dad, Sam. My dad would buy alcohol and bring the alcohol to Struan and work on Phil Donesky’s farm for free, and provide alcohol for Phil Donesky and the rich Elloway’s, for free. Or with my head banging in pain I would be taken to Kinley to help my dad labour upon properties that his sister would inherit, for free. Between the episodes of brutal horrid psychiatric torture my dad would take me to Kinley to work on his sister’s properties, for free. With my head banging in pain and with the upmost nausea from the psychiatric drugs, I’d be taken to Struan where I’d listen to the Donesky and Elloway alcoholics laugh and tell me that money talks while bullshit walks, for free.

My mother always bragged to me and to others how her relatives were so rich, and were all doctors and dentists and nurses. She would have me repeatedly stripped of my vehicles, later she would have me repeatedly arrested and tortured, yet she always had time to brag about my cousins and her other relatives. Any interest I ever had was shot down and I would be repeatedly told to sell this or that and told to go to Edmonton and help my brother. Why couldn’t you have turned out like your cousins?!!! They all have nice homes and beautiful blinkin’ trees!!! All the relatives liked the work I did to the family photographs, mom was so happy to hand out my work, for free. Some photographs required many days of work to remove creases and dust marks. Annette Donesky liked the photos and she must have, over the course of a half dozen years, gave me close to $50 for my work. The richest of the Elloway’s flew to Saskatoon in a private jet and took the photographs of their ancestors and themselves in their youths, for free, and then used their cameras to take additional pictures of the pictures I made, for free. Sam ingratiated himself with his wife’s rich Elloway relatives by working on their farms and buying them alcohol, for free, while Ruby ingratiated herself with her rich Elloway relatives by handing them my photographic work, for free. Sam also ingratiated himself into the police force by building a bar in the basement and serving alcohol to the police officers, most of whom were alcoholics, for free. Phil Donesky married my mom’s sister Annette Hnedash and then insisted that their dad, Alex Hnedash (my grandfather), also provide his land. After marrying Alex’s daughter Annette, it was not good enough for Phil Donesky to rent Alex’s land and insisted that he be allowed to purchase it instead. And then after providing his land to Phil Donesky, for almost free, my grandfather Alex Hnedash got to work for my uncle Phil Donesky, for free. And then later, Alex Hnedash’s youngest son, Nick Hnedash (also my uncle), got to work for Phil Donesky as well, for free. It became tradition in our family for many people to work for alcoholic Phil Donesky, for free. Phil Donesky was a big shot, he acquired land and had many people work for him, for free, and so it came to be that wealthy Elloway’s would drive from the United States of America to Phil’s place every year in their new Cadillacs and party and laugh and exclaim that money talks while bullshit walks. Phil Donesky had money and so was greatly loved and respected by other Seventh-day Adventists, who had money as well.

Zaker Elloway would come to Sam’s house and drink Sam’s alcohol and eat Ruby’s meals, for free. Zaker saw that Sam was busting his arse for his Doukhobor parents (Annie and William Kabatoff), and saw that Sam was busting his arse for his wife’s sister’s family (Annette and Phil Donesky), and so Zaker drank Sam’s alcohol and laughed at Sam (while Sam’s children listened from the next room), repeatedly saying, “All my children are doctors and dentists and nurses while your children are NOTHING!!!” Zaker saw that Sam was putting all his energy into assisting other families rather than assist his own children and thought it was hilarious. Zaker liked to come visit Sam, drink Sam’s alcohol and eat Ruby’s meals, and laugh at Sam and always loudly reminded Sam that his children were NOTHING!!! Zaker always loudly emphasized the word “NOTHING” and then laughed when he said it. Zaker Elloway was a true prophet of God, he saw that I was NOTHING, maybe he knew that I would later face years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture and nobody would care, anyway Zaker thought the situation of Sam busting his arse for other families was simply hilarious. Zaker Elloway, in recognizing that I was and continue to be NOTHING, has far more claim to being a prophet of God than either Mohammad B. Header or Ellen G. White. All the Elloway’s are Seventh-day Adventists, Zaker Elloway is a true prophet of God and should be recognized as such by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I was beaten nearly to the point of death at the Mount Royal Seventh-day Adventist Church (for daring to say that their church was united with the rest in censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, and for saying that many of their churches are capped with Egyptian penises) but it is never an issue to any of these Adventists, they are compassionless and unrepentant, because I am NOTHING!!! Thank God for Zaker Elloway, he is a true prophet of God. By teaching me that I was NOTHING, Zaker Elloway brought understanding to my lot in life, and for this I will forever be grateful.

In 1988, at the age of 31 years, I faced the first arrest and round of brutal horrid torture. It took 20 years from that initial round of torture before I was able to scrape up enough money and buy myself a half decent truck, it was a 1993 GMC Sierra 3500 One-Ton Crew Cab Flat Deck truck that was originally used by the Canadian Navy. I was able to purchase the vehicle by making a substantial down payment in 2007 and then made additional payments of $400 per month to Schmalz Auction in Prince Albert over the course of the following year. I was able to obtain this credit because a friend had purchased the truck from Schmalz and I was allowed to take over the remaining payments. It was never easy to make the payments on the truck as it was difficult to make money while in a state of shock. After the initial arrest and round of brutal horrid torture it literally took me decades to be able to get my shit together and buy myself the used one-ton truck.

Things got even more unpleasant as my mother was insistent upon me getting rid of the truck (like every other vehicle), her insistence that I rid myself of the truck carries on now into the year 2021. She wants me to be a doctor or a dentist like her rich alcoholic Elloway relatives, there is no need for her son to have a used one-ton truck that he bought off of some dirty Indian from Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada. “Sell it. What do you want it for? SELL IT!!!” Just as Zaker Elloway repeatedly raised his voice to emphasize that Sam’s children are “NOTHING!!!”, Ruby would similarly raise her voice and scream out “SELL IT!!!” I take care of my aging mother and she recently saw fit to hand my brother another $10,000, this time to help him out because he purchased a van to replace another one that he wrecked, then I get to listen to her wonder where her retirement money is going, and then I get shit for trying to include a bag of walnuts into the grocery cart when we go shopping at Costco.

After several years of ownership the truck failed to start. In 2016 a Russian carpenter wanted me to help him with his cabin up at Lac La Ronge and offered to pay for the truck to be fixed so I could use it to help him move materials to the cabin (tons of steel that this carpenter ended up stealing from me), and then help him with the construction. The Russian carpenter promised to pay wages but did not, he stole my steel, laughed at me and called me stupid. I worked hard for the Russian for about three weeks in cold rainy weather, I lost 25 pounds and several tons of steel, and he called me stupid.

When I informed Justin Fehr, the President of Bro’s Tows in Blaine Lake Saskatchewan that I had thousands of dollars invested into the transmission and had it rebuilt so it could pull in excess of 10,000 pounds, he agreed to take and fix the truck, but he did not have the truck ready when it was time to depart to work on the Russian’s cabin at Lac La Ronge. Justin Fehr would always promise to get the truck fixed in a couple of months or so, always said that he had problems getting a mechanic to help him complete the project at his dad’s Bro’s Tows mechanics and autobody shop in Blaine Lake. I then heard a rumor that Justin Fehr and his dad Darryl Fehr (the owner of the Bro’s Tows business in Blaine Lake) swapped out the rear end. I began to pester Justin Fehr more frequently to fix and return the truck, or simply to return the truck. After nearly four full years Justin Fehr returned the truck, I finally got my truck back in August 2020, I believe he returned it after holding onto it for 47 months. Justin Fehr charged me $1000 for all the work he did (almost four full years of hard work) and $200 to tow it to Saskatoon.

Justin Fehr returned the truck but leaf springs are missing, and if the rumor is correct then the rear end has been replaced with different gearing and of dubious condition. As the truck was returned from the mechanical shop without being able to run, I have no idea if the transmission has been swapped out as well. Justin and his dad Darryl Fehr are car collectors, no different than the thief Stan Reynolds, who preyed upon the weak, the young, the temporarily absent and the ignorant.

From the age of 59 to 63 I have been trying to recover my truck. Now that I have the truck home I have no idea if I should attempt to see why the engine will not start, for it is likely that I would have to spend a great deal of money to complete the bodywork and replace the stolen parts. My mother Ruby is upset with me again now that I have this truck back home, taking up space in the driveway. She warned me repeatedly not to buy junk from Joe, but Joe Munroe was the only person on planet earth that extended me credit and helped me buy a vehicle. “Don’t buy junk from Joe!!!” my mom and dad would both repeatedly exclaim. Joe Munroe had compassion, my family members did not. Sam’s mother Annie extended credit to a total stranger to buy her little Dodge Rampage, then this very old woman was forced to hunt down the buyer each month to try to collect her payment on the vehicle. Sam’s father William (Bill) Kabatoff hated Sam’s children and lavished Sam’s sister’s children with great love and affection, those Postnikoff children became Doukhobor royalty. Annie (Popoff) Kabatoff and William (Bill) Kabatoff were Doukhobors from Blaine Lake but grew to honour Catholic fertility rituals, the grandchildren they favoured all grew up to honour Catholic fertility rites as well. The Doukhobors residing across Canada also honoured Catholic fertility rites and regularly sent “Christmas” (the use of God’s Name in vain) cards to Annie and Bill Kabatoff. Annie was so thrilled to receive the “Christmas” cards, she decorated her houses in Kinley with the cards and with other Catholic fertility decorations, such as decorated evergreen trees and decorated boughs from the evergreen trees and of course, blinkin’ lights. Annie had friends belonging to any and all churches, it didn’t matter much to Annie as she celebrated or at least tolerated all the pagan traditions. After her husband Bill passed away, Annie’s Catholic friends taught her that Bill Kabatoff was talking to her from the dead. Annie (Popoff) Kabatoff was always nice to the people who systematically encouraged her to violate God’s Commandments, having these worldly friends was important to her, and during her final days those friends taught her to become a necromancer. My mom’s wealthy Seventh-day Adventist relatives helped to teach my dad’s impoverished Doukhobor relatives to adopt Catholic fertility rites and to sing Jingle Bells. Instead of just busting his arse for his Doukhobor relatives, Sam married and then got to bust his arse for his new Seventh-day Adventist relatives as well, who taught him to drink, sing Jingle Bells and turn his home into a blinkin’ pagan temple of fertility.

Justin Fehr is not only a thief but a liar, he lied to me repeatedly about not having a mechanic to complete the work yet he had mechanics to help him and his dad remove parts from my truck. Just like Stan Reynolds, Darryl and his son Justin Fehr are amassing a large collection of old cars. Darryl and Justin Fehr have placed “their” cars on the south side of the town of Blaine Lake, next to Gillies Lake (aka Radouga Creek), should it flood again as it did in the 1950’s, the result is sure to be a massive ecological disaster that will stretch for many miles along the length of the creek.

But on the other hand I am getting away cheap. Justin Fehr and his dad Darryl Fehr, together with Darryl’s employees, laboured on my truck for 47 months and charged me only $1000, that works out to only $21.28 Canadian or $16.44 US per month. That’s cheap, I got the economical long term plan, $16.44 US a month for 47 months, and then with a $200 towing bill tacked on at the end of the term. Just as psychiatrists treat their patients differently, so too do the mechanical and autobody shops, everybody is free to treat their patients and customers differently, even brutally. Judges decide whether you are heard and judged or whether you are sent for psychiatric evaluation, which is just euphemism for years of brutal horrid torture. Everybody is free, except for the people whom the judges send away to prison, or send away to psychiatric “evaluation”. Those who get sent away for psychiatric “evaluation” usually die, and those who survive are never free.

Bro’s Tows owns several trucks that they use to haul and tow vehicles with. They buy trucks at Alberta auctions and bring them back to Blaine Lake, fix the vehicles and sell them locally. They do mechanical and body work for the locals. They know how to fix vehicles.

The Russian said he’d pay for the repairs, to get it running, he needed my truck to haul my metal to his cabin at Lac La Ronge in a few weeks from now, he said. So I wanted to support a local business and chose to request help from Justin Fehr, of Bro’s Tows, to fix my truck. It would not start and it needed signal lights, which were destroyed when I hit a deer. If Justin had time there were other issues with the truck, he chose to address some of these other issues the following year and the year after that, rather than get the truck running. I approached Justin Fehr as I thought he was a nice feller, and I wanted to support a local Blaine Lake business.

Bro’s Tows ended up cannibalizing my truck for parts, they were waiting for me to die and then just keep the vehicle. While Justin Fehr was repeatedly lying to me about my truck I had another feller from Blaine Lake steal from me and repeatedly lie to me as well, Tim Stupnikoff stole my rifle and repeatedly said he would send it to Ray Laybourne (July 22 1929 - April 2 2020). Over the course of a couple of years Ray would periodically phone me and inform me that he still did not receive the rifle in the mail, I would then phone Tim Stupnikoff who would repeatedly promise to send the rifle to Ray. I used my full frame Nikon camera and the 200mm f4 Micro Nikkor copy lens to make a better than average copy of Ray’s Restricted PAL gun license, I sent the copy of Ray’s Restricted PAL to Tim Stupnikoff and immediately deleted my own copy of the image of Ray’s gun license. It was at Ray’s request that I send a copy of his gun license via email to Tim Stupnikoff… I sold Ray Laybourne many rifles and all at fair prices so he had no reason to mistrust me. Ray was a friend, he treated me with love and respect, there was no way that I would ever misuse his gun license by doctoring it so that I could purchase guns of any type, and besides I was issued a FAC (Firearms Acquisition Certificate) and so I am a registered gun owner, and no court of law ever imposed firearms restrictions upon me. Two days before Ray passed away he phoned me to complain that he still did not receive the rifle I promised him. I immediately phoned Tim Stupnikoff but Tim would neither take nor return my call. Tim Stupnikoff is a liar and a thief, his repeated lies caused great discomfort to both Ray Laybourne and myself. Indeed, the lies from Justin Fehr and Tim Stupnikoff similarly caused discomfort to both of my parents. I was having a hard time in life, having both Justin Fehr and Tim Stupnikoff repeatedly lie to me for years was not helpful to my mental health nor to the mental health of my family members. And perhaps I could have made some money with that truck over the last four years, I’m pretty sure that I would have found some sort of use for it even if it didn’t make me any money. It literally took me “decades” (1988-2008) of struggle and work to make enough money to buy that truck, thinking that I could use it to pull a trailer and go on a holiday in the mountains. It would have been considerably easier on me if these people just stole my stuff rather than endlessly lie about their thievery as well.

I had a friend named Matthew Hardy, the friendship began when I showed him mathematical harmony linking his name to his birthday and all of that to numbers in the Bible. Then I was arrested and tortured by Hindus at the U of S and Matthew came to visit me there, it was fabulous to have a visitor. All his friends were walking in darkness, his friends were young and impoverished, many self-identified as witches, many hung around the seven penis poster poles on Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon. After hearing my testimony Matthew Hardy in turn gave an enthusiastic testimony of a very powerful Jesus, and they killed him and I lost a friend. It was difficult for me when Matthew Hardy dropped out of sight as I didn’t have a lot of other visitors at the psychiatric torture facilities. The witches did not appreciate Matthew’s enthusiasm with the numbers I showed him that linked his name to his birthday and then back to numbers in the Bible, the people in his circle of friends did not want to hear the words “Jesus” nor “Bible.” And the witches did not want me to have outside support from Matthew or anybody else while I was being tortured, so they killed him. Similarly Tim Stupnikoff’s lies drove a wedge between Ray Laybourne and myself and I lost Ray as a friend. Some people may argue that I am NOTHING and that Matthew Hardy’s death had NOTHING to do with me, I don’t much care to argue it any more, go write a book about it. Besides God’s Holy prophet Zaker Elloway prophesied that I am NOTHING, so for people to say that Matthew Hardy’s death had nothing to do with me, just reinforces Zaker Elloway’s prophecy that I am NOTHING.

The Russian, Justin Fehr, Darryl Fehr and Tim Stupnikoff, together with the other Canadians (all of whom think I am NOTHING!!!), spent many millions of dollars having me tortured for years for daring to speak out against their pagan fertility rites. Now this Russian, Justin Fehr, Darryl Fehr and Tim Stupnikoff are likely together receiving over $8000 per month from Trudeau to help them overcome the bogus virus, they are the winners, they should consider getting together and celebrate. Good for you, have a celebratory party. Life is tough for some, so good for you folks in collecting my steel, my labour, my truck parts, my rifle, and now $2000 per month each from Trudeau’s Islamist party. Each of these filthy compassionless thieves gets over $2000 per month now from Trudeau so they can live the good life, relax and have a holiday. Maybe use the money to get new trucks for yourselves, the $2000 each month they now receive for bogus viral relief is far more than required to make monthly payments on new trucks for each of them. My best guess is that this cash infusion helps the lot of them sleep better. Myself, I don’t sleep very well now, I jerk awake imagining that I am slaughtering the thieves, the psychiatrists and the nurses, and the staff at Graham Construction. When I jerk awake like that I take anywhere from 5 to 10 milligrams of morphine and it helps me relax and get back to sleep. After the initial round of brutal horrid torture in 1988 it took me twenty years to buy that truck, I then used it to collect some steel, now the truck interferes with my sleep. Perhaps I should have it painted to the same colour as my morphine pills.

I believe that the Reynolds Museum should do the right thing and give Bill Graham the Cord and two other vehicles, perhaps a truck and a steam tractor, to help make up his loss from the thefts perpetrated by Stan Reynolds. And I need money to fix my truck, there is still body work to be done, I need springs and likely other parts as well, likely a new rear end, perhaps a new transmission. It’s a long term project. It’s a difficult time for me, I am not getting the $2000 each month that the foreigners in Canada are now getting. The foreigners are getting over $2000 each month ($500 each week) to help them out with the bogus pandemic, and many of them drive around in nice cars (and are allowed to work in Canada without being Canadian citizens, and they may even work here as brutal psychiatrists without being Canadian citizens). Trudeau is borrowing “money” at compound interest and handing massive amounts of it to the Islamic invaders, many get far more than $500 per week. In Canada many of the Islamists are also getting welfare for each of four wives and money to cover the mortgage payments on four houses (one house for each wife), on top of this they also get $500 each week for bogus viral relief, and then some Islamists and Islamist organizations receive many billions of dollars more for emergency bogus viral relief (actually the money is for immigration jihad, where nations are overthrown via massive immigration and high birth rates). It is all theft, and Justin Fehr, Darryl Fehr and Tim Stupnikoff will each pay for this theft with the loss of their nation. It is so very fair. You uphold Catholic fertility rites, have me tortured brutally by Hindus for years for saying that the churches are teaching pagan fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments, and now members of alternative fertility cults invade your nation, and your response is to grab that $500 in bogus viral relief each week, and grab my labour, my steel, my rifle and my truck. You are despicable soldiers who fight in defense of your lies, you are not soldiers fighting in defense of truth nor are you soldiers fighting in defense of your nation, you won a few dollars through deceit today but it is fleeting because your Islamic prime minister spends your nation into bankruptcy. You build your homes and lives on top of a foundation of lies and thievery. It took me twenty years of hard work to overcome several episodes of brutal horrid torture and buy that truck, I faced that torture because I spoke in defense of the truth for you and your children to hear. The only bigger scumbags in life than you are the leaders of churches who teach you to turn trees into decorated idols while censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism - you look up to those people, you dress your children up as witches and then you turn your homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility.

Now that my dad has passed away I stay home and listen to my mother periodically yell and cry, even if I had a running one-ton truck I’d probably still be at home listening to my mother yell and cry. And even if the truck was running she would still be insistent that I sell it at a loss. “What do you want it for??? SELL IT!!!” she’d frequently exclaim, adding “DON’T BUY JUNK FROM JOE!!!” Having my mother incessantly ordering me, day after day after day after day after day after day to sell the land I managed to buy, and whichever vehicle that is currently bothering her, is a big improvement over me coming home and finding my vehicle gone, and then being forced to go to Kinley and Struan to help my relatives on their farms where they say that money talks while bullshit walks. Nevertheless it remains rather irritating to listen to my mother continuously demand that I sell my land, or continuously demand that I get a farmer to come and cut the grass, or continuously demand that I rent the land to a farmer so he can grow a crop and spray pesticides and herbicides, as I have nesting Bobolinks, Orioles and other rare songbirds, frogs and salamanders, that bring me some degree of joy in my life. Perhaps when Radouga Creek has another major flood and the gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, grease and other materials from all of the wrecked cars belonging to Darryl and Justin Fehr will devastate the properties downstream, including mine, perhaps then I will sell the land. Or more likely with all the shit and abuse I faced, my mother will survive me and then sell the land at a give away price to Darryl and Justin Fehr, who can then bulldoze the trees and replace them with wrecked cars. And it would all be my fault, because I went and bought junk from Joe.

Alberta built a big museum for the thief Stan Reynolds, maybe Saskatchewan will build a museum for the thief Justin Fehr as well. I was tortured by Hindus at the Royal University Hospital and at Saskatoon City Hospital, then Saskatoon erected a statue of Gandhi with his back turned to these two facilities, maybe Blaine Lake or the Saskatchewan provincial government or our Canadian federal government, or India can make a statue of Justin Fehr stealing parts from my truck and erect the statue in a prominent location, but with his back turned to me. I invite you people to mock me further. I have perhaps $10,000 invested into my Canadian Navy truck that dothn’t work, more sadly though this “truck project” interfered with and prevented me from buying as many Morgan silver dollars as I did when they were cheap, I could be much better off today if I did not waste my money on vehicles and computers and instead continued to buy the Morgan silver dollars at $6 each from Gary Meckling at Sceptre Coin and Stamp in Saskatoon. Gary Meckling was selling me Canadian silver dollars at $5 each and American silver dollars at $6 each, it was a far better investment than my truck that Justin Fehr wanted, for free. My mom is upset with Gary Meckling for selling me the silver and for years reminded me of her displeasure daily. Ruby said that Gary Meckling was laughing at me for buying the silver coins from him.

Annette (Hnedash) Donesky and my mom Ruby (Hnedash) Kabatoff were sisters. After their retirement, Annette and Phil Donesky bought and resided in a condo in Saskatoon. Phil passed away and Annette relied upon her two daughters to bring her groceries. My mom Ruby and I would visit Annette and sometimes take her out shopping for clothes or for a meal. Sometimes Annette phoned and requested a ride to get her hair done, and on trips such as these I would pick her up and take her home without my mother being present. Sometimes I drove Annette to her bank where she would check up on her savings and retrieve some money, she always gave me $5 or $10, sometimes as much as $20 for my time and gas. Ruby complained to her sister Annette Donesky over the family land, said that Phil Donesky took land from their dad, said that Annette’s family became wealthy from the land while Ruby’s sons ended up with nothing. Ruby grew increasingly angry and largely ceased visiting and talking to her sister Annette over the issue of land. So Annette decided that she would do something for Ruby’s two children, she said that she was going to give each of Ruby’s and Sam’s sons $2000. Annette then informed her daughters that she intended to give $2000 to each of Ruby and Sam’s two children. The response was brutal, one of Annette’s daughters curtly informed Annette that my brother and I were not family, and Annette’s two daughters seized their mother’s entire bank account of somewhere around $30,000, and seized her two bedroom condo, and put her into a senior’s home. Ruby and I would visit Annette in that nursing home where Annette cried and cried over the loss of her bank account and the loss of her entire home. “It was my money!!!” Annette would say, “They took ALL my money!!!” Annette always remembered Ruby by name, always remembered my brother and myself by name, but after her daughters stripped their mother of her money and her home, Annette would fail to recognize them nor remember their names. Annette’s two daughters are both multi-millionaires, they certainly did not require the money from the sale of Annette’s condo, they certainly did not require the small amount of savings Annette had, they easily had the money to hire somebody to come in once or twice daily and assist their mother so that she could stay in her home during her final years. Annette was such a good cook, and she ended up at this nursing home where the food was so unpalatable that she would often not attend the meals served in the communal dining room. Annette locked herself into her tiny suite and shunned contact with the other inmates and cried and cried. Annette’s daughters and their Elloway relatives are all multi-millionaires who couldn’t give me a few dollars for the hundreds and hundreds of hours I spent restoring family photos. Not a single one could even offer me the time of day when I was being tortured year after year after year after fucking year in the psychiatric facilities at The Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, and at Saskatoon City Hospital. “Money talks but bullshit walks” these Seventh-day Adventist millionaires (Phil Donesky and the Elloway’s) would proclaim while they drank my dad’s alcohol and ate my mother’s meals.

Go find somebody that faced many years of brutal horrid torture, slander, libel and mock him or her, beat them to the point of death, steal their pets and steal their trucks and guns, then seek annual forgiveness and redemption by turning trees into blinkin’ idols and singing Jingle Bells. Use images of your children to teach others to abide by the Catholic fertility rites. Pretend that you are righteous and that your prayers have great power, mutter a little empty prayer for me and spend the remainder of your life thinking that you provided me with a great service by doing so. Join with Graham Construction, or whoever, and make money by building new torture facilities for the psychiatric torture victims, or however. My dad has departed but you may still phone and lobby my mom to have me arrested under the Mental Health Act. If it wasn’t for the morphine, Matthew Hardy, Zaker Elloway and Jesus, the situation would have been intolerable for me.

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