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CHARTER: us.issues

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Henrietta K. Thomas

Nov 30, 2000, 2:35:56 AM11/30/00
Note: Newsgroup creation guidelines and us.* posting rules are
posted on the web at

CHARTER: us.issues

us.issues is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of social,
economic, and environmental issues in the United States. The charter
below was approved by consensus in us.config on Thursday, December
17, 1998, following established procedures for new group creation in
the us.* hierarchy.

Charter: us.issues

us.issues is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of US
social, economic, and environmental issues, including but not
limited to: health, education, and welfare; crime and punishment;
clean air, clean water, cleanup of toxic dumps; creating and
maintaining a healthy economy; national security and national

Questions regarding social, economic, or environmental issues
in other countries would be off-topic unless there is a connection
between the United States and the other country - e.g., the US
is directly involved in an international program to address some
social, economic, or environmental issue in some other country.

Posting Rules:

The posting rules of the us.* hierarchy are incorporated into this
charter by reference. Some highlights:

Direct advertising is not permitted, but occasional announcements
of new software, newsletters, and/or web sites are acceptable
provided they are done in a tasteful manner. Posters who wish
to advertise their business or profession should create a 4-6 line
signature file to append to each article they post.

Make Money Fast chain letters, pyramid schemes, and other types
of scams or spams are not permitted, either.

All articles must be written in plain text. Except for PGP signatures,
non-standard formats should not be used. This prohibition includes
binaries, HTML, v-cards, and other types of 'fancy' posts. If you do
have a binary you want people to see, put it on your web page and
post a pointer to the group telling people where to find it.

Please set your horizontal line length to 75 characters so as to make
it easier for others to read and respond to your articles.

The us.* hierarchy has a 5-group limit on crossposts to help keep
the noise level down and reduce the chances of articles being
cancelled by other hierarchies which enforce their own crosspost
limits. If you see an article crossposted to more than 5 groups,
please trim the Newsgroups: line to comply with this rule. And
when you post yourself, be sure to select only the 5 most relevant

Violations of this charter or the hierarchy rules may be reported
to the us.* hierarchy administation, your Internet Service Provider,
and/or legal authorities in appropriate situations. This applies
especially to illegal chain letters, forgeries, unauthorized use of
registered domains, newsgroup "spamming", and/or the constant
harassment of other posters.

Newsgroup Host

This charter will be posted twice a month by the Newsgroup Host.
The host will also keep an eye on the group, and report serious
violations of the posting rules to the us.* hierarchy administration.
Further action, including cancellation of an offending post, is at
the discretion of the us.* hierarchy administration.

If for any reason, the host is unable or unwilling to continue monitoring
the group, the us.* hierarchy administration shall post a notice asking
for volunteers or nominations from the group. If there is no contest,
a sole volunteer or nominee may be appointed directly by the us.*
hierarchy administration. But if there are more candidates, a poll will
be conducted to determine the wishes of the group. The final decision
then rests with the us.* hierarchy administration.

Annual Review

On or about the first anniversary of the adoption of this charter, the
us.* hierarchy administration shall post a Call For Discussion on
the status of the group in accordance with the procedures outlined
in the us.* hierarchy newsgroup creation rules. The discussion
period shall be at least two weeks. If at the end of two weeks, no
problems have been identified or the problems identified have been
satisfactorily resolved, the newsgroup will remain as is until the next
evaluation. Buf if major changes are desired, a new RFD must be
posted for full discussion in us.config in accordance with the us.*
hierarchy newsgroup creation rules.


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