DR Congo--BENI, A HUMAN BUTCHER: The alleged ADF continue to mourn the innocent in Beni, 26 people killed followed by the wounded and missing

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John Mutombo Kalume

Sep 25, 2018, 5:53:04 AM9/25/18

Local Crisis with a Global Impact: A call for Humanity to raise awareness of Untold crimes and Systematic Human Rights Violations against women and unprotected civilians


Beni continue being victim of Ethnic Cleansing by a state sponsored Political terrorism

September 23, 2018



BENI, A HUMAN BUTCHER: The alleged ADF continue to mourn the innocent in Beni, 26 people killed followed by the wounded and missing





A group of armed men who would be identified with the alleged ADF rebels but in Congolese government army uniforms attacked the city of Beni on the evening of this Saturday, September 22, 2018,


According to the parish priest of the Catholic parish Saint Gustave of Paida, these rebels were visible in the parish concession before launching the assault against the city. The population has even denounced this suspicious presence with the competent services unfortunately nothing has been done to prevent the worst. It was from 17h30 local that the shots were heard behind the Catholic Church, a situation that panicked the entire city of Beni, located in North Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The inhabitants fled for their lives, and the enemy eventually passed the place called CTB-Mupanda in the Beni-Kasindi stretch to reach the place where the officers' mass is called. The rout was total following the detonations of heavy and light weapons. The majority of the population of Rwenzori commune and Beu fled to the neighbouring communes of Mulekera and Bungulu.


What is happening in Beni is a little complex since we cannot imagine that the massacres continue for 4 years in a radius of less than 50 Km acres without the government army FARDC and the MONUSCO blue-helmets are too able to adapt to the mode of operation of the enemy who operates with the means very derisory (machetes, axes, hammers and some weapons on fire only).


The population no longer knows whom to turn to in the current context where the state has proved its failure in securing the latter and its property. It is a shame for our country and for us since it is the proof of a Non-State.


These clashes, which lasted several hours (from 5.30 pm to midnight), produced a very heavy temporary toll among the civilian population as well as among the elements of the regular army.


Below the provisional balance sheet:


26 civilians killed among them 5 Muslims in their cassocks returning from their colleague's party, 5 soldiers of the FARDC regular army fallen, 8 wounded civilians, 4 damaged houses including the bicentenary multipurpose room of the Oblate Catholic sisters by the bursts of bombs; 5 vehicles at TCB-Mupanda damaged, several other valuables looted during clashes, several missing persons ...


This situation is a little fuzzy since, if we did analyzes on the mapping of the positions of the government army around the city of Beni, we cannot understand that the rebels come to the heart of this city so strategic to perform such an operation and distribute it looks like they are walking in an area already conquered.


Who can stop us from concluding that the people of Beni are victims of a state sponsoring political terrorism plot? ADF known as Ugandan rebels have what plan finally on the Congolese territory? By attacking Congolese civilians on their soil will it allow these opponents of the Yoweri Kaguta Museveni regime to overthrow its power? These are all questions we ask ourselves, unfortunately, without any answer.


While condemning these cowardly killings of the population of Beni, I call the Congolese authorities to a sense of responsibility to resolve this security chaos.


Who will stand with me to raise awareness of these horrific tragedies against humanity? Be the one to join me especially brave women.


John Mutombo Kalume
Freelance Investigative Journalist
Human Rights Defender

Regional Representative--CODHO East & Horn of Africa
Treasurer—African Exiled Journalists Network-Uganda
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