SLC.rb Oct 2018: How to be a winner at the Game of Life

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Matthew Nielsen

Oct 18, 2018, 6:10:02 PM10/18/18
In the book "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", the character Marvin (a robot
with a terrible melancholy) says this in chapter 20:

 "Life. Loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it."

Well, here at URUG we respectfully disagree! In fact, we want to show you not
only how to like life, but to win at it! And by "life" we of course mean "The
Game of Life", the simulation of cellular automata.

Mathematician John Conway came up with a set of simple rules for cellular
automata in 1970. The behavior and patterns they produce have fascinated
programmers, biologists, mathematicians, robots, etc. for decades now. Some
people think it is even a key to unlocking mysteries of our universe. Come learn
more and even go head-to-head with other teams.

And if Life seems too much to deal with right now, fear not because we also have
a starter before the main course on "Four gems every ruby developer should know
about". I really want to add a Buzzfeed-esque "and number *three* will shock
you!", but I've been told I'm not allowed to do that anymore.

Please RSVP and +1 as appropriate on the Meetup event page:

As always, we will be meeting at 6:30pm on October 23rd at:
SLCC Miller Corporate Partnership Center
9690 South 300 West, 3rd flr, Room 333
Sandy, Utah

I can't wait to see everyone there, our lives (and Life's) will are not the same
without you all!
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