Wdebate.com Opens Registration for Live Online Video Debate Website

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Eric Ward - URLwire

Apr 30, 2013, 1:15:20 PM4/30/13
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Announce Date: April 30, 2013 

Wdebate.com Opens Registration for Live Online Video Debate Website 

URL: http://Wdebate.com

Gun control is pointless. Women shouldn't be allowed in military combat. Creationism doesn't belong in public schools. Do you agree? Disagree? If you hold strong, intelligent opinions on today's most pressing issues, then you're a perfect candidate for Wdebate.com, a new and unique venue for watching and participating in live online video debate.

Since the first televised presidential debates in 1960, the persuasive power of visual argument has had an enormous influence on contemporary culture. Yet despite the many technological advances of the past 50 years, average citizens have lacked a public forum in which they too can engage in video debate. But now, they have one: Wdebate.com, the first live online video debate website.

Wdebate.com is:

- A first-of-its-kind website for live, one-on-one video debate on specific hot-button issues 
- An intelligent, socially engaged online community that participates via watching, commenting on, and recording debates at Wdebate.com 
- A platform for broadcasting debates to a broader audience on blogs and websites via Wdebate.com’s video embedding capability

In preparation for its pending launch, Wdebate.com is announcing an open invitation to all interested debaters. Provide your name and email address to request your invitation, and Wdebate.com will make you one of the first opinion shapers to participate in their groundbreaking online debate format.

At Wdebate.com, registered users will be able to watch, participate in, comment on, respond to, and record structured, one-on-one debates. By giving observers the power to follow and rank debates, Wdebate.com will encourage lively and informative discussions.

But unlike the world of cable television punditry, the Wdebate.com format will not be a sound bite free-for-all. Much like political debates, Wdebate.com debates will be structured arguments with time allotted to each opponent for arguments and rebuttals. Members can choose a "yes" or "no" position on a given question and wait for an opponent, or invite a friend or fellow member to debate the opposing side of a particular subject. You can even broadcast the video component of your debate to a wider audience via Wdebate.com's embedding capability, which allows you to embed a widget on your personal blog and/or other websites.

More than just a forum for self-expression, Wdebate.com will be an online community of engaged, passionate, and well-informed individuals who believe that—as Wdebate's Socratic motto states—the truth is born of arguments. Secure your place in the argument now, and visit Wdebate.com to request your membership invitation.

Posted by Eric Ward on 04/30/13 
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