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Wings-Aron Lantz

Oct 26, 2022, 6:59:39 PM10/26/22
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So I'm planning to go to Harris Hill on Thursday.

Sam P. of Hyner club fame is probably coming also...maybe Will P. as well but not sure yet.

Mt ETA is 9:30-10.  I'm packed up and ready to hit the road early.

Earlier in the week I saw interest from Bill V. and Jim K.

So I heard about 5 pilots flew Jacks on Tuesday and got all the AT they wanted, but only 400 over.

Let's go fly!


Wings-Aron Lantz

Oct 27, 2022, 6:57:37 PM10/27/22
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Harris flight report:

Sam P. and Aron flew today.

It was NNW so we waited for a more straight in cycle.

Sam was off first about noon.  Aron was soon off behind Sam.  There was pretty good ridge lift and some broken thermals.  I don't know how high we got, guessing maybe 700-800 over?

Around 12:30 the wind seemed to go more north and a big flush cycle happened...lots of sink, plus strong headwind and it was a bit stressful to get out to the lz just in time.

Bill V. broke down on top after he saw the n cross increase.

We saw a couple sailplanes that must have towed up with a winch.

We had Jim K. Jim F.  and Julie as support crew-Thanks!

Beautiful day to be outside in the crisp fall air and bright foliage.

Let's fly soon!



Oct 27, 2022, 8:15:18 PM10/27/22
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I came back a little after 4 but everyone was gone.  I kited for an hour, needed the practice.  See you all next time.

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Mark Donahoe

Oct 27, 2022, 9:38:36 PM10/27/22
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Aron, just wondering, did you contemplate going to IC?

Bill Vickery

Oct 27, 2022, 9:55:27 PM10/27/22
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From airport readings, looks like the Cliffs was the place to be in the afternoon.

Earlier, I was such a Lemming, I amused myself, and it spurred some memories on the beautiful way home.  

Morning overcast and north streeted skies cleared throughout late morning.  Birds were soaring the cross and JK and I spotted a corn husk blow up over and it came right into launch, but LZ and launch were predominantly cross. We decided we weren't going to fly, but just as the others were ready, the wind gods smiled and it was coming in great.
They got right up immediately, so I started setting up quick with Julie helping.  Close to ready, they sank out so I tore down...lol, knowing I got suckered into it.

So it reminded me of an early day at Dan's Hill.  I was up and coming, and Scott Jewl was someone who amazed me.  It was a questable day, and he decided to bag it. I did likewise.  He changed his mind, so did I.  Then he changed his mind again just to see if I'd follow suit.  He had me.  Another day at Dan's, perhaps this time of year, after retrieving vehicles, I found that Scott had stuffed my harness full of corn husks....what a prankster!

Before cell phones and internet, we called a pilots hotline answering machine after listening to the NOAA weather radio loop over and over again.  Hand held ham radios were how we communicated and for xc retrieval.  It was fun to talk on the way to the hill, or get condition reports.  Headed to Dan's one fine day I called on the radio to see who all was there and whatnot.  Scott broke in reporting something like 4 grand over Round Top, a few miles from launch.  I drove like a madman to get there, only to have Scott greet me in the driveway setup area on the radio with that big grin.
Lots of great memories.
Julie told me of someone in the Hyner Club who looked up to me, but there are so many special people I've admired over the years.  What a group of friends.

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Wings-Aron Lantz

Oct 28, 2022, 6:02:35 AM10/28/22
to Mark Donahoe, James Fardette, RAF, 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers, hyner
Mark- I thought about maybe Indian Cliffs late day, but we were already spent.

Plus it was pretty strong wind and gusts yesterday.

The potential washing machine LZ at IC in strong wind and gusts dissuade me from ever thinking of doing that again :)


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