Free Spirt Flyers Communication Problem?

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Wings-Aron Lantz

Nov 28, 2021, 10:31:01 AM11/28/21
to 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers
Something occurred to me as I was thinking about the club's future.

I was wondering who all is subscribed to the new   communications platform?

Is every member or recent past member on the Google group?  When we switched over did everyone's email get put in manually or was it left up to club members to opt in on their own?  That would be a question for Stevo and Ed J.  is everyone that is on Ed's membership list on the google group??

If not...maybe the email addresses could be cross referenced and manually add pilots so they are sure to get all club communications and flying opportunities.

I'd be willing to help if there is a need to work on this task.



email sign off-
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Air Ed

Dec 1, 2021, 5:45:39 PM12/1/21
to Upstate NY Free Flyers
Thanks for the positive thought, Aaron. To answer your question, my recollection is that migration from yahoo to google was up to the individual. I have no idea about numbers. I would note that club rosters (both FSF & STS) are confidential, for members only. Long ago, members decided that all that personal info should not be public info. In the case of both these clubs, the list of members changes monthly, as some come and some go. If there's not much group communication, it may well be more a function of little flying activity due to a pandemic, climate change, and fewer pilots. Besides, look how long it took me to wade through all the communications posted just to get to yours. ;-) Efforts to promote the sport are sorely needed and your suggestions are appreciated. It would be nice if progress were made resuscitating local instructor pilots as you've suggested, for example.  As to FSF communication problems, I think providing access to the google group through the club website designed by Romano might make it easier to opt in.
PS  Thanks for bringing Rocco along!

Romano Almonte

Dec 1, 2021, 6:37:37 PM12/1/21
to Air Ed, Upstate NY Free Flyers
Hi Ed,

I added links to the google group forums on the FSF club website:
(I included the RAF google group alongside the Upstate NY Free Flyers group, since there are far more RAF members who announce flying in Elmira than FSF...)
However, this only lets people read the forum.  They would still need to ask Steve (forum admin) for posting privileges, so "opting-in" is not possible through the website alone.


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