Musicians unite to get your fair share!

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Sep 21, 2006, 1:43:58 AM9/21/06
to unzune
Musicians unite to get your fair share!

If you are not musicians, maybe this won't interest you. You will have
been warned.

Internet is a revolution in music distribution.

The iPod too, it put it all in the pocket. The peer-to-peer networks
(p2p) enabled millions of music lovers to discover all kinds of musics,
even thought usually in an illegal manner, to put on their iPods.

Secured online transactions and digital rights management systems
(DRMs) have enabled, whatever we might say, to create a financially
extremely successful online music distribution model.

Today, this kind of system of distribution and diffusion is very
profitable. Not only the 'majors', but also the electronic makers take
a lot of the pie. To the point where, today, Microsoft leaves aside all
its old allies that relied on the 'Plays for Sure' system to create
'Zune' in order to get a pie of their own and not only a piece, and to
compete with the proven model: iPod / iTunes.

Not only with the Zune player (sort of an iPod) but also with the
software suite that comes with, Microsoft will try to push song
exchange, not only with, but also without wire and try to impose, as
did Apple with success before, a content rights management system that
will imprison our music for, it is said so, the good of the listener.
And will leave us out, once again.

Finally, the musicians don't matter much anymore in all this: they are
the cows that make the milk, and while they graze they're happy. As
musicians, we must unite finally, to fight against those giants that
make so much profit on our music while letting us believe that music is
just an accessory. They make fantastic gadgets and tools, but things
must be readjusted at once.

When iTunes and iPods make so much money, when You Tube goes for the
dough, when mySpace makes the billions, the musicians just get the
peanuts and nice dreams. While technology more than ever is supposed to
be at reach for anyone... You should be easily able as a consumer to
publish yourself a podcast or blog, but no, not the musician, he needs
help, and that at a price...

Microsoft entering in such a way the music business is just a symbol,
they are not alone. But if we want to change things and get the
benefits of digital media too, let's react and unzune!

All reaction and suggestions welcome on the discussion group

Cheers. Z from the

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