Uruban: Sonified Beloveds

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Dara Shayda

Oct 14, 2013, 10:58:57 PM10/14/13
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For none of us there shall be a beloved whom will not be taken away. But for some Allah sculpts beloveds out of exotic substances to keep them company in this life, the life of the grave and the life after:


For followers of Muhammad peace be upon him, both men and women, Allah has carved for them beloveds out of the sounds of divine words, and these sonified beloveds shall be eternal source of solace and companionship not just in this life but in your grave and moment of your resurrection:


Currently there are 2 verses in this blog for prototyping purposes and user-experience evaluation. Please welcome to use and comment. Almost all aspects of the presentation is fully programmable.

GUI (http://d3js.org/) is specially coded for visualization of the acoustics of the verses. Necessary Tafsir (Exegesis) added in order to supplement the meanings lost over the centuries. All research based upon the ancient grammarians of the Arab.

Black and grey arrows sequence the actual aya, green-yellow arrows render the phonetic declensions, "tomato" coloured arrows are pronouns and references for linkage of words, blue-ish arrows adumbrate the grammatical constructs of the language of the Arab.

There are three buttons:

1. Aya: renders black arrows which corresponds to the juxtaposition of the words of the verse.
2. Omissions: renders the Hazf in the language of Arab and other related omissions in grey arrows
3.  I'rab: immix of declensions and grammatical renderings (green-yellow, tomato and blue-ish arrows)

Mouse Actions:

1. Drag:  using the mouse drag the circular nodes for better viewing and presentation
2. Double-Click: Enlarges the node and the Arabic word for better viewing. In future INSHALLAH more data will be included in the nodes
3. Mouse-Over: running the mouse of over the arrows flashes red annotations explaining more of the grammar and construction of the verse

Source Code:


All code is under the Apache 2.0 open source license. All data formatted into .JSON files again open source. The blog itself is WORDPRESS and open source.

Github provides a community management for the development. A magnificent start for a de-centralized research and publication of Qur'anic materials related to its grammar. That means anyone could copy and use the code and grammatical translations and build  their own web site or publish free of any restriction, for academic or commercial purposes.


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