Laff and Nashr (Gather Scatter)

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Dara Shayda

Jan 28, 2012, 6:10:07 AM1/28/12
to Untired With Loving
Allah-u Waliyy-u (Allah, Marfu' (Lofty), The Close Friend)

Perpetual exit from the light and entrance into darknesses and its
mirror image
exit from darknesses and entrance into the light, is the innate inmost
core of
all existence, one by which we feel we are not alone in this universe:

Laff and Nashr is one of the many Al-Badi' (Arab's Linguistic
Inventions) found
within the language of the Dhikr (Remembrance), rendering the
intertwined Gather
Scatter of all things in and out of the light, in and out of the
darknesses :

Like the tresses of the hair they braid and unbraid, depending on
which view you
hold of the universe, and if we were to visualize these intertwined
we find a never-ending botanical structure governed by the putative L-
syntax of the Laff and Nashr:

{{"f" -&rt; "f[+f]ff[-f]"}, "f"}

One of the many manifestations of the Universal Tree:

Sonifcation of this tree gives the viewer a sonic rendering of the
said tree and
its intertwining branches growing and reaching out of the Qidam
(Infinite Past)
into Abad (Eternity).

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