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IMVU users can complete various online surveys and watch videos to unlock virtual money. With this cash, they can purchase an in-game item, ranging from clothes to accessories and more.Apart from funding your various purchases, IMVU also presents you with the opportunity to chat with other players like yourself. Once you form a friendship, feel free to chat with the other player at any time from within the application. Those who become truly comfortable with each other are also free to share their real-world identities and contact details to initiate a personal friendship.Apart from one-on-one chats, users can also join various chat rooms, based on their preferences and interests. An effective chat lobby system helps connect various avatars to nearby players. Further, IMVU MOD APK allows much more than simple text chats. It lets a player add filters, pose with their avatars, post pictures and do much more during such chats.


IMVU is a chat-based social platform that allows users to create and customize 3D avatars. While IMVU is generally considered appropriate for teens and adults, there are some important things to be aware of if you’re thinking about allowing your child to use the platform.First, it’s important to know that IMVU is not a moderated platform. This means that there is no guarantee that all content on the platform will be appropriate for kids. There is a filtering system in place, but it is not perfect. Additionally, because IMVU allows users to create their own content, there is the potential for children to be exposed to inappropriate material created by other users.

Secondly, IMVU’s chat feature can be used to communicate with other users in real-time. While this can be a fun and innocent way to interact with friends, it also opens up the possibility for children to be contacted by strangers. It’s important to talk to your kids about online safety and make sure they understand not to give out personal information or meet up with people they’ve met online.Overall, IMVU can be a fun and safe platform for kids to use, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved. Make sure you talk to your child about online safety and monitor their activity on the platform. Also, consider using IMVU’s parental controls to further limit the content your child can access.



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