BBC Podcast: how to put THE internet in a box !

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Adam Holt

Oct 20, 2020, 9:59:58 AM10/20/20
to Unleash Kids!, Community Support Volunteers -- who help respond to help AT, server-devel, xsce-devel
Thanks especially to Benjamin Bach in Denmark who made this happen, by referring the BBC's "People Fixing the World" program to me and others earlier this summer.  Yes this podcast is only 23min, but it took many months of hard work to pull together!

Huge Thank You to Anish Mangal whose Internet-in-a-Box community action in remote Northern India truly brought this podcast to life — and to everyone who pulled together, so that the global public rich and poor listen up — and wake up to all these many amazing "Offline Internet" initiatives...

All thanks to BBC producer Tim Colls himself, who courageously went far beyond the usual Technology Solutionism — carefully addressing "Educational Imperialism" and the ethics of ignoring grassroots community voices — and what everyone of us CAN in fact do about this:

How to put the internet in a box

Thanks to Everyone catalyzing these grassroots learning hubs of all kind, in your own country AND in your own culture!

In that spirit (how can we each help, everyone in their our way) anybody with even the most basic Linux skills should consider trying out an Internet-in-a-Box 7.2 pre-release to craft their very own "community learning hotspot."  Thereby seeding exactly such Sneakernet-of-Alexandria "Burnings for Learnings" peoples networks, in any rural or impoverished community that you can find, that deserves its own aspirational tools...
  • What are the most humane Sneakernets-of-Alexandria currently being built today, around this planet?
  • How should these distant human networks in health clinics / schools / prisons / libraries (and in your own home!) tangibly learn from each other, co-curating to Pay It Forward helping others?
None of us have all the answers in 2020!  But Internet-in-a-Box is one key piece of this puzzle and installable on most any Raspberry Pi or PC, if you too can enable kids/communities and civic networks in your part of the world.  So do write us if you have any questions about how best to make this possible, so we help each you (and help each other!) materially help others ~
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