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Dec 11, 2014, 3:53:59 PM12/11/14
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Hey all,

So the 1st Mercury Session of the Unity Network went slow, but we did get the first draft of the People's Parallel Congress info up online.  You can visit that here: http://parallelgov.org/USpeoplesParallelCongressInfo.pdf

Today starts the 1st Mars Session of the Unity Network.  This only happens about once per year (every 344 days), but since we are still in Pre-Launch mode, we will be focusing on basic set up and information.

The primary session this weekend will by our 1st Advisory Session.  You are all invited to the first Unity Network Individual Advisory Session this Saturday Dec 13th, at 2pm PST, to listen and or give advice.  List of All Global Call-in #'s: http://wctc.titanpad.com/UnityNetworkConferenceCallNumbersGlobal

For the few of you who may want to get involved, my hope is to increase our ranks to 5 people soon, here is information on our upcoming sessions.

Unity Network Intro Q&A Session: (30min-1hr)
For those who would simply like More information about the Unity Network, we also have a Unity Network Info Q&A Session scheduled for Sat 13th Dec at 5p PST. (Same Call in #712-775-7035 Access Code: 202770)

The Unity / Comprehensive Plan (TCP) Intro Q&A Session: (5-10min)
For those who would like to get more information specifically about the Integrated Comprehensive Unified Theory of Societal Transformation, and learn about how we are writing the Plan itself, then please join us.  This will be a VERY short session, but can last up to 30 min if people want to stay longer. 14 Dec. 2014 at 12:51p UTC Call in #712-775-7035 Access Code: 202770)

Unity Network Individual Advisory Session: (30min-1hor)
 As stated above, you can come give advice and support to me and other people working with the Unity Network. Saturday Dec 13th, at 2pm PST, to listen and or give advice. (Call in #712-775-7035 Access Code: 202770)

The Unity / Comprehensive Plan (TCP) Finalization & Publication Planning Session
This session only happens once every year and a bit, and will focus on TCP finalization and publication.  Since not many people know much about the TCP, we will also cover all the basic and answer questions and get input on suggestions and ideas. 14 Dec. 2014 at 12:51p  UTC  (Call in #712-775-7035 Access Code: 202770)

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions.

Take care,


Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera

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