Unity Network Pre-Launch End of Year Report #Unity #takeAction #PeoplePower #Icantbreath #Ferguson #Occupy #p2 #RT #Act

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Jan 1, 2015, 12:43:28 AM1/1/15
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Unity Network Pre-Launch End of Year Report #Unity #takeAction #PeoplePower #Icantbreath #Ferguson #Occupy #p2 #RT #Act

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Years!

We are writing you to give you a month end review of the Unity Network Pre-Launch we have been working hard on.  As far as the rest of 2014, we were working on preparing and setting up the Pre-Launch which was an accomplishment in and of itself, so for the rest of this email we will just list the accomplishments we have had over the last month within the Pre-Launch of the Unity Network.

Unity Theory (Preliminary Rough Draft Paper - 4 pages)

First and most importantly, we have re-written the entire context of the Unity Network into a more easily explainable 4 pages. It is called the Integrated Comprehensive Unity Theory for Societal Transformation.  This lays out the context of the overall vision for what we are doing and why we are doing it. The Unity Network itself is simply the experimental implementation of Unity Theory.  You can read about Unity Theory here: http://www.unitytheory.net/UnityTheoryIntroPresentation.pdf

The Comprehensive Plan (TCP) (Preliminary Rough Draft book - 76 pages)

TCP is the on-going documentation of Unity Theory into a step by step plan for the Transformation of Society to improve the user experience, and create a more balanced society with the earth.  TCP also includes the methodology for the implementation, as well as a novel that visually shows the experience of TCP in a fictional way that is easier for people to grasp.  So far only the first chapter has been written, but we have the storyboard for the next 4 chapters.  You are welcome to help out as the book is interactive. Here is a pdf version of the Preliminary Rough Draft: http://thecomprehensiveplan.com/TheComprehensivePlanV0.0.1.pdf

Unity Network Meeting Calendar & Outreach Systems:

We have established online Unity Network Meeting pad and outreach systems for global conference calls to organize around Unity Theory and the Implementation of the Unity Network. The entire system is ready for more people to get involved when the time is right.  We have systems in place for unlimited number of participants, as long as we can get about 1 facilitator or meeting helper for every 10 people who participate.  You can see our list of calendars in almost all global time zones here:  http://wc.tc/calendars
Also Participants can now sign up to get auto updates for EVERY Unity Meeting in the method they prefer:
Twitter Meeting Reminders: http://twitter.com/UnityMeetings
Email Meeting Reminders: Sign Up on the left under the Search Bar: http://smpn.wc.tc/UnityMeetings/
Text Messages: (just email j...@wc.tc for now if you want text message updates) or message us directly

United States Peoples Parallel Congress (Ready to Go!)

We are ready to move forward with our 2016 Elections of the First official United States People's Parallel Congress!!!!  Our solution is to Beat BIG MONEY with NO money, and create our own Parallel Congress just for People!!! No lobbyists, no corporate interests, just people!!!  This is a HUGE endeavor, and everything is more or less ready to start accepting volunteer representatives, and people who are willing to run in the official elections for the 2016 Congress.  And you don't even need any money!!!!!!! In fact we prefer you NOT to have money!!! You can read more information about the United States Peoples Parallel Congress Here: http://uspeoplescongress.parallelgov.org/USpeoplesParallelCongressInfo.pdf
For those outside the US, we can make People's Parallel Governance in your country as well - you can read more and sign up here: http://parallelgov.org/ParallelGovernanceSystemsInfo.pdf

Other Information about what we have been doing, but didn't quite meet our goals yet:

Our goal is to reach about 10,000 social media liker/follower/subscriber count before we launch our croudfundraising campaigns.  Although we did not reach that goal yet, we have increased our count to more than 5,000!!! This is almost halfway there, but we also have the goal of making sure we have at least 1,000-3,000 on all the main media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email, and we aren't quite there yet.  You can help us out by encouraging others to like/follow/subscribe to the Unity Network:

As far as actual fundraising goes, we haven't succeeded in raising much, but at the same time we haven't really tried, as our goal is to reach 10,000 online supporters before focusing on our croudfundraising campaigns. If you would like to donate you are certainly welcome to as we could use all the support we can get.  Thank You! http://wc.tc/Donate

As far as our top focus for when we Launch, we have been in discussion on supporting national organizing to stop police brutality.  This issue seems to be the top grass roots issue right now, and this may be were there is funding to build a national grassroots network for change.  This is all still in the works and is VERY preliminary, but it will certainly be a top priority of ours as long as the interest is high.  Please help us prioritize the best terminology for our focus on supporting this type of issue. Vote Here:

End Police Brutality - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/nIZCZ3

Empower Citizens Police Review Boards for ALL Police Departments! - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/kbqFef

End Societal Racism - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/jHYwt1

When to Call (or Not call) the Police Campaign - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/M9C26i
ONE LAW for all Citizens & Government Officials - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/g49tgs
Make All Violence illegal - Vote Link http://goo.gl/xHnNcQ
Break Up the Police - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/NPmo7k
Break Up the Executive Branch and Department of Justice - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/zjWyzD
Court Rules for and by People - Vote LInk: http://goo.gl/PAA6rq

Law By People - Vote link: http://goo.gl/eKsYPa

Truth Movement - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/l9QXQ4

End the Drug Wars - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/umbQV8

Legalize, Regulate, & Tax All Drugs! - Vote Link: http://goo.gl/dlP2Xt

If you would like to vote for other ideas then Vote here: http://wc.tc/voteL0
Want to add your own ideas, no problem: http://IdeaFun.org

On the international Front, we are seriously considering launching in Haiti as they are some of the most oppressed people in the world and need monumental amounts of help.  if we can succeed in Haiti then we can succeed anywhere.  We will be working on supporting coalitions of grassroots collaborative action in haiti, and we will keep you informed if anything works out.

Lastly we have increased our numbers to about 3.  That is MUCH is better than just 1, which is where we started at the beginning of the month, although our goal is still at least 5 people.  We are confident that we will be able to get more people involved next month with our new online meetings outreach systems, as well as many other strategies.  If you are interested in getting involved, please do contact us, we would love your company.  We are looking for ADVISORS as well as people to actually do the work, and we are willing to pay people small amounts if you are otherwise not able to be involved.  

Believe it or not, that is still not even all that we accomplished this month, but it definitely covers all the highlights.

Ok, that is our end of year / end of month update. 

Happy New Years Again!!!!!


Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera
PO Box 20175
Stanford CA 94309

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