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Jay Blas Jacobo Cabrera

Apr 2, 2014, 10:43:51 PM4/2/14
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#idea Peoples Parallel Congress & Electoral Slate #MoneyIsNotFreeSpeach #PeoplePower #Unity #u #ideas #i #p2 #topprog #v

With the Supreme Court Decision Today that gives even more power to the idea that Money is Free Speech and that our democracy must go to the highest bidder or it isn't a "FREE" democracy, it is essential to share suggestion(s) as to what possible direction, we the people, should take to fight this "coup de greed" taking over our democracies that should be for and by the people.

What do you like the sound of? 
"Government By the People for the People?"
"Government By money for money?"

Instead of Freedom and Speech, we say money represents "Greed" and "Corruption".

Join us in saying that Money is Not Free Speech and support our campaign:  

Yet, is it enough just to say NO? One strategy is to become a Proactive based movement, instead of a reactive based movement. 

If we just fight against Citizen's United, or push a campaign that states that "Money is Not Free Speech" we are being reactive because our actions are based on our freedoms being taken away from us.

With a proactive approach we can find tangible solutions to empower people and create social innovation that applies to a variety of solutions to put us on the offensive side, and "them" (those that support a democracy based on money), on the defensive.

Here is a proactive solution that would take work, but with minor amounts of donations and support, this idea could be in place in just a few months.

The Proactive Idea?: Creating a Peoples Parallel Congress

What is a People's Parallel Congress?
It would be a congressional representative decision making body, that would represent people, and only people.   We can do this NOW, and create a communications, and decision making body, that would parallel the current US Congress, but would actually represent people instead of money and corporate interests.

The Peoples Parallel Congress would have...
     No Lobbyists
     No Corporate or Business representation
     No decision making based on Money
     No Elite influence or involvement from the 0.0000….0001%
      No influence from Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Telecommunications ...
     Non-partisan, any party afiliation can be involved - Everyone Can Vote for representatives, including the Elite bagizzilionares, but they can only vote with their individual personhood, not their money
     Elected or Appointed Representatives must step down from Elite influenced Jobs, and be automatically recused from any decision that is a conflict of interest with their personal job or income.

Why go to all the Trouble to create such a body that has no constitutional or governmental power?

There are two simple and very important reasons to do this. 

  1.  First of all, our current Congress has about a 5-15% approval rating depending on who you talk to, it is gridlocked, and most importantly is 100% influenced and corrupted by BIG money.  After todays Supreme Court Decision, it will be even more so for a very long time.  Even Obama bends over backwards for Wall street.  This may be a challenge to ask you, but what do you think the MOST important purpose of Congress is?  What if it is Communication between the people's representatives on behalf of the people, to help normal everyday people communicate on important issues across the country (and / or the world).  The primary purpose is Not decision making, not bills, and not laws. It's Communication!  Without communication between people, it is impossible to make decisions, bills or laws.  Yet Congress is currently more effective in creating communication between Lobbyists and Corporations into hearings and secret meetings, than it is in creating basic communication between actual everyday people.  In other words, currently in this country, and in much of the world, we no longer have a basic communication system between people because our government systems have been so co-opted, and corrupted, that they now primarily only serve communications for the purpose of BIG money, Lobbyists, and Corporations in the decision making and law making processes of our government institutions.  By creating a People's Parallel Congress we can minimally restore basic communications between people, without influence and corruption from BIG money and corporate lobbyists.  Its really just that simple, if we can't even communicate freely as people, how can we even begin to move a people's agenda forward?  Additionally this process can give us very valuable data on our communications. For example, if the People's Parallel Congress voted on all matters that the US Government voted on, we could see the difference in voting patterns between elected officials influenced by big money, and representatives that only represent people.  This is just basic communications data and without that we really have no idea what people's needs and interests really are when our government institutions are so overwhelmed by corporate interests and lobbyists.   You can Vote to support the Creation of the People's Parallel Congress here:  Vote Link: http://goo.gl/FaA0gj

To set up the basic peoples communication system of representative elections and appointments, it could cost as little as $2,000-$5,000.  To jump start fully active communications for the first 2-6 months it would probably cost about $10,000.   A baseline annual budget could be as low as $100,000 a year, and at least $25,000 going to online elections ever few years depending on how we decided to elect representatives.  The point is that building a basic people to people representative communications system is not that hard.  A few million dollars could be all it takes to make it fully representative of the US population.

  1.  The second and more important reason for creating a People's Parallel Congress would be to create an Electoral Slate and get politically proactive about reducing the influence of BIG money and corporate lobbyists in government.  Once we had representatives in the People's Parallel Congress, we could run the entire People's Parallel congress against the normal congress with the goal of firing the entire US Congressional Delegation that takes Corporate Donations and prioritizes communication with Corporate Lobbyists.   By running a Leveraged Campaign with already elected representatives within the People's Parallel congress, we can more easily influence congressional elections than running fragmented and independent campaigns sporadically across the country.  A UNIFIED slate of over 400 candidates of dedicated People's Representatives, who have Congressional Experience as part of the People's Parallel Congress could be the leverage we need to proactively take back our government and give it back to the people.  To support the creation of the People's Parallel Congress and a People's Electoral Slate vote here: Vote Link: http://goo.gl/FaA0gj

This entire system can be re-created at the Glocal level as well, with State, and local parallel decision making bodies, and to create a system of people's communication across the World.  Currently the United Nations does not support communication between people across the world, it only supports communication between Nation States, and the special interests of Nation states, not the people within those nations. To Support the idea of creating a Glocal People's Communication and Decision Making System Vote Here: http://goo.gl/ntX6sS

Do you think we should get strategically proactive and create a long term viable action plan to combat corporate and BIG money influence in government by creating parallel decision making bodies that establish clear separation of powers between the People's representatives, Corporate/Business Representatives, and the Elite Representatives and their special interests?  Let us know your ideas, this is just a beginning. . .

Believe in myself, Believe in yourself, Believe in each other.  
Together we can create anything.  
Together we can stand up for each other and make a difference.
It may not be enough, to simply get our own rights.  Someone must stand up and say "I will not accept my rights unless everyone else also gets their rights too".   
Oppression of one, is oppression of all.
We can do it.

Take care,


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