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Cliff Owen

Nov 5, 2010, 2:01:54 PM11/5/10
to Unity iPhone beta,
Great, but that doesn't help figure out which iOS version you're running, as
bug 374633 suggests it should.

What would be nice is if the bug is actually fixed, which is what I was the
most curious about... If anyone has tried this on 3.1 to see if
SystemInfo.operatingSystem is correct. 374633 is marked as closed.

The answer is: I've now tried it on 3.1 and it's still broken. It's pretty
hard to fix bugs when you just close them though. Funny how that doesn't
make them actually go away.

Any way to reopen it or should I just resubmit?

On 11/5/10 10:20 AM, "Renaldas Zioma" <> wrote:

> PowerVR (now named ImaginationTech) is a vendor of SGX535 - GPU inside both
> iPodTouch 4gen and iPad.
> So it looks correct to me.
> ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma
> Handheld Tech Lead @ Unity Technologies
> On Nov 5, 2010, at 6:26 PM, Cliff Owen wrote:
>> Nope. GraphicsDeviceVendor on iPod Touch 4gen OS 4.1 and iPad 3.2 both say
>> Any thoughts on this for 3.1? I can try that this weekend but not at the
>> moment.
>> On 11/5/10 9:13 AM, "technicat" <> wrote:
>>> I reported it during the 3.0 beta. The response says
>>> System.graphicsDeviceVendor returns a "meaningful result" but I
>>> haven't checked that.
>>> On Nov 5, 9:03 am, Cliff Owen <> wrote:
>>>> Anyone know how to get the OS version the iphone is running?
>>>> SystemInfo.operatingSystem returns the device ID on the iPhone, nothing OS
>>>> specific.
>>>> IPhoneSettings.systemName merely says ³iPhone OS²
>>>> I¹m trying to figure out if I¹m on OS 4 or not. I¹d like to use iAd when
>>>> I¹m
>>>> on OS 4 and Admob when I¹m on an older OS. I¹m feeling a little bit like my
>>>> only options are to either try iAd and if it fails to deliver an ad to try
>>>> Admob, but this can fail on OS 4 as well and iAd and Admob deliver ads of
>>>> different sizes so it¹s an inconsistent user experience, or to simply use
>>>> Admob but the ads on iAd seem to be more appealing and don¹t really leave
>>>> your game.
>>>> I¹m not seeing anything on the forums about this. I¹m not really sure if
>>>> anyone has tried this sort of failover before.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Cliff
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John Grden

Nov 5, 2010, 2:48:27 PM11/5/10
to, Unity iPhone beta
i'm betting you'll have to resubmit and reference the old bug that was closed

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