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Werner Keil

Jun 8, 2017, 6:47:38 AM6/8/17
to Units Developers

Following requests by extension modules, especially UCUM support there's a slight change or improvement of TransformedUnit from uom-se 1.0.6 and unit-ri 1.0.3 on.

show, that the constructor insisted on parentUnit being a system unit only. So transformed units could only be based on base units like METRE, but not e.g. INCH based on FOOT etc. This caused issues in particular when formatting or parsing units derived over multiple steps as it is often the case for UCUM units.

Neither JSR 108 nor 275 had such restriction:
>This class represents the units derived from other units using converters.

So this change brought implementations of JSR 363 back to those of earlier approaches.


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