UOMo or Indriya as RI?

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Werner Keil

Oct 24, 2017, 8:07:38 AM10/24/17
to Units Developers

Based on Leo's suggestion of "founding" an Eclipse project for a new Units JSR I just wanted to raise the question, if you prefer to keep the current RI/TCK under BSD 3 and go with the RI code-named "Indriya" or would you rather do it under Eclipse.org?
In that case Eclipse UOMo would be the natural choice because it already started as the main implementation of unitsofmeasurement.org (JScience 5 was only finished by Opower in its fork on Github) so using Eclipse it makes no sense to create or propose a new project for UoM as UOMo is already there in Eclipse Incubator.

The RI/TCK would likely change to EPL in that case (I believe it's possible if you start a new JSR, may require some IP log, etc.) while the API may at most only have to change to the EDL which is practically identical to BSD3.

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