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Alexis Neme

Jun 21, 2021, 9:27:41 PMJun 21
to Unitex-GramLab

When I execute Cassys  command (below) with IDE it generates the error "Max stack size reached" (attcahed file)
"Local\Unitex\App\UnitexToolLogger.exe" Cassys "-aUnitex3_2\English\Alphabet.txt" "-tUnitex3_2\English\Corpus\text.snt" "-lUnitex3_2\English\CasSys\" -v "-rUnitex3_2\English\Graphs\" "--input_offsets=Unitex3_2\English\Corpus\text_snt\normalize.out.offsets" -qutf8-no-bom

When I execute Cassys  command (below) with a command line, it does generate an error
"Local\Unitex\App\UnitexToolLogger.exe" Cassys "-aUnitex3_2\English\Alphabet.txt" "-tUnitex3_2\English\Corpus\text.snt" "-lUnitex3_2\English\CasSys\" -v "-rUnitex3_2\English\Graphs\" "--input_offsets=Unitex3_2\English\Corpus\text_snt\normalize.out.offsets" -qutf8-no-bom --locate_argument=--stack_max=8000 --locate_argument=--max_matches_per_subgraph=800 --locate_argument=--max_matches_at_token_pos=8000

I propose to include these parameters in BOLD to the Cassys command line call from the IDE.

Notice that :
  • the current IDE command parses less that one page when <TOKEN>* is looped in a graph;
  • whereas it parses more than four pages of text,  if we add these stack parameters to the command line in the IDE before reaching the maximal size of the stack.

Not all users know how to use efficiently  the scripting language, so making this feature  available for the common users IDE is valuable!

It is also annoying for me since i use first the IDE and after I have to double, triple-check in  the scripting language!


Maximal stack size.png
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