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Welcome to the Unitex/Gramlab forum where you can ask and answer questions and post your suggestions about Unitex and GramLab.
How to post a message in the Unitex-Gramlab forum: sign in with your Google account; if your message is relevant to one of the topics below, click on it; otherwise, click on the red button above.
The languages of the group are preferably English and French. English is recommended.
Attach tags to your message to describe what it is about. Take care with simple-word tags, they are often too vague. Several-word tags must be typed with dashes, like 'command-line'.
Want more?             Visit the official Unitex/GramLab website (http://unitexgramlab.org/) and the GramLab Project website (http://www.apoliade.com/gramlab/en/)
                                 Download the documentation in English or in French, it might answer your question