Micro Switches Factory: Here Is Why They Are Becoming More Popular

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Jul 28, 2020, 4:35:55 AM7/28/20
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There is no doubting the fact that micro switches are mostly preferred to the conventional switches in recent times. For instance, most manufacturers prefer including them in their electronic appliances and devices. The major reason they have always claimed is that such switches have proven to be very reliable in lots of ways. A normal micro switch has around one million cycles. Industrial micro switches are designed to have up to 10million cycles. Both categories of micro switches have been built to withstand harsh conditions. Their rugged nature has put them atop the list of various electronic manufacturer across the globe.  

In case you are wondering why micro switches are making headlines more than ever before, there is every reason to ensure this post is read from start to finish. This is because it will be revealing why micro switches have managed to stand out amongst other conventional switches you have come across before. You will also be given the chance to learn more about these switches. After checking out the details of this post, you will definitely understand why these electrical switches are the most preferable for your devices and appliances. 

Their compact shape

This is one of the reasons why micro switches are proving to be very popular in recent years. There is a problem with conventional electrical switches which most people have complained of in the past. This is the fact that they can’t be used for every project. The reason for such is how they have been designed. Some have over-sized shapes which makes it difficult for them to be included in most electrical devices and appliances. Such isn’t the case for micro switches as they have been built to be compact. This makes them perfect for various projects you may be handling at the moment. 

For instance, micro switches are perfect for appliances like security cameras, washing machines, Air conditioners, micro waves, motor vehicle, mechanical equipment, communication equipment and others. There is one simple reason why this has been possible. This is the fact that they are very compact. Initially, their designs weren’t as flexible and compact as they are today. Producers are beginning to release different designs to ensure they fit into various appliances without hassle. It should be noted that despite their various designs, they tend to be similar in terms of functions. This primarily has to do with enabling devices function in an automatic way. They may be tiny in sizes but there is no doubt that they can make the difference when included in any appliance. 

Their high level of versatility

This is another aspect whereby micro switches are becoming very unique as compared most conventional electrical switches you will find in the market. Manufacturers of electronic devices prefer them to other switches due to how they can be used for various purposes without any problem to ensure automation. Some of their uses will be listed and explained below for much better understanding.

1 - Timer controls

Most people understand how important timer controls are. However, they don’t know that micro switches play a very important role in ensuring these devices are functioning as expected. It is the micro switch that is primarily responsible for having the device triggered once the time runs out as adjusted. There are lots of devices which make use of timer switch. Through such function/feature, it becomes possible for these devices to be switched on/off automatically at a particular time. This won’t be possible without the presence of a micro switch. 

2 - Microwaves and rice cookers

Microwaves and rice cookers have been built in such a way that they can only function optimally once they have been properly closed. Anything short of this means that you will struggle to make these appliances work as expected. As a matter of fact, most brands or companies are including various micro switches in their appliances for efficiency.  

There are times when their covers won’t open or close as expected. It means something is wrong at such point. It is the duty of a micro switch to detect whether such covers are closed or opened. It is also possible for a micro switch to play the role of a safety switch in such devices. In this case, it tends to offer some protection to the device. Without these electrical switches, it becomes difficult to make use of such appliances in your home. 

3 - Air Conditioning Units  

Air conditioning units are very popular and used in various homes across the globe. There is no doubt that micro switches have made them very efficient while working. For instance, these appliances struggle to function whenever there is any opening in their door panels. In a case like this, they will always struggle to work as expected. This is one of the major functions of a micro switch as it ensures there is detection in the open/close status of such door panels. 

They do this through detecting the louvers’ angle. Another function which they perform in Air conditioning units is playing the role of reset buttons. In this case, once there is any mechanical problem with the AC unit, it can be cleared via the micro switch. It is all about pressing the right button on the remote control and it will be automatically reset. This ensures it returns to functioning mode without the need to hire the expertise of a repairer. 

4 - Refrigerators

It may shock you to find out that micro switches are also included in refrigerators. Without a functional ice maker as well as ice dispenser, such appliance won’t function as expected. For these features to work, it is important that the ice maker is properly positioned. This is usually the function of a micro switch. It is there to detect whether such is in the right place or not. Once this happens, ice will be produced. Micro switches can also function as buttons for having these devices switched on/off.  

Just like an air-conditioning unit explained above, they are sometimes used to make reset buttons in these ice makers and water dispensers carry out some specific functions. It should be noted that not every appliance has reset buttons. 

5 - Washing Machines 

Washing machines have been manufactured to help make life much easier for most people around the world. Their major benefits is the fact that they don’t only help make washing of clothes to be automated but can also save you money in the long run which could have been used in hiring the services of laundry experts. Do you know that without the presence of a micro switch it will become difficult using such an appliance smoothly? As small as these electrical switches may appear, they have a way of determining how washing machines function. 

For instance, micro switches help to ensure washing machines are easily switched on/off. Through their presence, it becomes possible for the switching power of these devices to be detected. This happens by checking whether their doors are open or closed. There are also instances whereby the buttons on these device’s control panels have micro switches. Another notable role of these electrical switches is ensuring that water level is checked.  

6 - Electric doors

This is another popular function of micro switches which most people are yet to discover. They play the role of “access control” thereby allowing people to have access to a place after some buttons or commands have been given. Have you ever seen those doors which unlock and lock automatically? They have been designed to detect when to close or open without the help of anybody. This couldn’t have been possible without the help of a micro switch. 

Apart from sliding doors, they are also perfect for roller doors. They carry out the function of detecting when such doors are being rolled up. They usually carry out the role of status detection devices in control panels. Finally, you will find them in various safe door locks. Most of the time, they are present in such devices to detect the position of calm as well as bolts. 

7 - Elevator applications 

Micro switches can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes. Including them in elevator appliances is one of the ways they are being used for industrial purposes. They have two major functions in this regards. These are ensuring that elevators are opening and closing automatically and selection of the right floors. Don’t forget that these are the core functions of the every modern elevator. Through the use of micro switches, it has become possible for elevators to know the right time to close and open. 

8 - HVAC applications 

There are various types of HVAC applications such as duct-free systems, hybrid systems, split-free systems and packaged heating systems. It is important to understand the fact that micro switches have important roles to play in order for them to function optimally. For instance, they are installed in these devices to ensure air pressure changes are easily detected. 

Without the presence of a micro switch in an HVAC application, detecting air pressure will be very difficult. This affects how such applications carry out their functions for users over a given period of time. 

9 - Surveillance cameras

Security cameras have been designed in such a way that they are always expected to rotate in order to get a clear and comprehensive view of their surroundings. This helps to see all the on-goings in such environments without the help of anyone. The problem is that most people usually don’t know micro switch makes such feature to be very possible. They have been designed in security cameras to ensure rotation becomes possible in an automatic way. 

Micro switches become activated once the security cameras get to the last point of rotation. In this case, such devices aren’t rotating through the help of any human. It means everything is completely automated. Even in surveillance cameras which don’t have rotating features, micro switches can also be very helpful in lots of regards. This shows that they are highly versatile switches which can help to meet the needs in various ways. 

10 - Triggering of devices

There are devices that can trigger alarms once there is an attempt to have them dismounted. These have been designed with infrared technology most of the time. They are usually difficult to compromise due to how they have been structured to function. This wouldn’t have been possible without the use of a micro switch. The alarm system being triggered is possible through the help of a micro switch. 

It functions in a way that whenever such device is tempered with, an alarm system will be activated until the owner comes around to turn it off. They can also be used in car remote keys for this purpose. This has been one of the most notable reasons why micro switches are increasingly becoming very popular in recent times. For instance, millions of cars with alarm systems are being released into the market every year. These can only function properly with the aid of a micro switch. 

11 - Push button alarms 

Push button alarm systems are always installed in homes and organizations to ensure safety in times of emergency.  In order for such systems to be triggered, you will only need to push a button and everything will start happening automatically. They can also help for emergency door releases and emergency stop controls. It is basically all about helping to ensure an alarm is activated during such times of emergency in organizations. Micro switches play a prominent role in making this to happen in such systems. 

They are included in alarm switches which can be pressed in order to notify people around about dangers in an environment. In a world whereby security is becoming a major concern, these forms of push button alarms have been recommended to be installed in organizations and homes by experts. They help to create awareness about any danger which is happening around that people may not be aware of. The efficiency of such system couldn’t have been possible without the inclusion of micro switches. 

One of the reasons why micro switches have proven to be very versatile is that even if you have a heavy appliance or something light, they can easily fit into such. From the above, it is obvious that they are also used in appliances that are very heavy. 

Easy connection 

One of the reasons why most people prefer using micro switches is the fact that they are super easy to connect. Are you having a conventional electrical switch? Do you notice how complicated such can sometimes be in terms how it can be connected to start working? This is one of the reasons why micro switches seem to be having an edge at the moment. There is no special knowledge required to make them function very well. In case you are doubting how easy it can be to wire a micro switch, check out the details below:

In order to successfully connect any micro switch, it is important you know two basic things. These are:

•The components in such micro switch

•How to successfully solder the wires

Each of these factors will be briefly explained below:

The components

In every micro switch, there are majorly 3 components. These can also be referred to as connection or contact points. They are normally open, normally closed and common. 

The micro switch can either be in a resting or active state depending on how components are coming in contact with one another. For instance, once you press the switch, the common and normally open will come in contact. This means current will be transmitted to ensure your device is powered. In such an instance, the device will start working as expected. This means that for a micro switch to power any electrical appliance, there has to be a contact between common and normally open. This is known as an active state. 

On the other hand, such micro switch will return to its resting or original state once you release your hand from the switch. In its resting state, the common always comes in contact with the normally closed.  The diagram above is a perfect example of how a micro switch components have been structured to function. You can see that the NC (normally close) terminal and NO (normally open) terminal are on the same side while the common terminal is linked the switch. Each time such switch is pressed, there will be contact between common and normally open. This will bring about a change in state automatically until the switch is released again. 

What you should always know

Based on the above explanation, it can be said that micro switches are designed to carry out two functions. These are either automatic functions or manual functions. For instance, the diagram above is a typical example of how a micro switch is meant to function manually. The term “manually” implies that a button or lever is pressed to help it carry out the needed functions. This is very popular in the case of alarms, fans, or bulbs. It carries out functions automatically when it is meant to detect whether things are properly positioned in an appliance or not. This is typical of micro switches in refrigerators, air conditioning units, sliding doors, surveillance cameras and others. 

Please note that there are instances when you may get another micro switch that looks different from the above diagram. In such case, always remember that they work in the same way. Therefore, there is no need panicking about the points of contact. Another design pattern that most micro switches usually take apart from the one mentioned above in the diagram is displayed below. You will notice there are 3 points of contact. Looking closely at the inscriptions on its body, you will find “COM”, “NO”, and “NC”.

In case you are still confused about how the contact points function in a micro switch, having it opened won’t be a bad idea in any way. Once you have opened it, press the switch and you will see how the “Common” is changing position thereby causing a device to start working. This is because voltage will be transferred between the common and normally open. It becomes very easy to understand these electrical switches have been designed to function once you are seeing them change positions in real life. While opening it, ensure you are very careful in order not to cause any damage. 

Connecting the wires

There are two ways to solder the wires of a micro switch. These are choosing the option of wrapping the wires around each contact point or using a solder iron to do such. The first option isn’t professional in any way which is why it should be avoided. It can make the micro switch to become disconnected in the nearest future thereby giving you the wrong impression that your device is faulty. 

The reason why soldering option is strongly recommended is that it will help to make the wires firm thereby ensuring effective contact. It is basically all about soldering the terminals and wires together. This isn’t difficult as all you need to do is have the wires pressed against the terminals to ensure they are properly attached. Now start to solder them together. Through the heat which such solder iron produces, they will be melted together. 

Can you see the above micro switch which has been soldered? That is how yours should look like. In case you don’t understand how such can be done, it will be much better hiring the services of a professional who understands how to solder wires and terminals together. This will save you lots of time and hassle. You will notice the wire is now very firm after such process has been carried out. This ensures there won’t be any kind of problem related to disconnection. 

Micro switches are very easy to connect given that you don’t need any kind of technical skills or knowledge to get started. Just get a grasp of the concepts explained above and you will be on your way to connecting any micro switch to power various devices around your home without breaking a sweat. 


In case you don’t know, micro switches are becoming popular due to a factor like durability. They have been designed with some of the most reliable materials to ensure very high level of durability when used.  It is always very disappointing to purchase an electrical switch that won’t stand the test of time. This is because, you may end up spending more than required trying to purchase another one. Worst case scenario is that you may start feeling that your device or appliance is very faulty. 

Micro switches are known for their high level of durability over the years. They can be used to power various devices without any complaints. Always ensure you are going for those which have been built with fibre glass, nitrile and other materials. The manufacturers of these switches have been able to ensure that they are manufactured to last for as long as possible and provide uncompromised safety. For instance, most conventional switches can make you prone to electric shock which is dangerous. 

Micro switches have proven to be very different given that they can help prevent electric shock. They also include materials that handle issues related to vibration. This is because some have rubber included to ensure problems like these are prevented. Micro switches being included in home appliances can have a minimum of 1milllion cycles. Those which have been designed for industrial purposes are likely to have up to 10millioncycles. This means they usually last long due to their rugged nature. 

Its high level of accuracy

The accuracy of micro switches is worth mentioning as one of the reasons why it has become very popular in various countries around the world. It is a snap action switch which has an actuator that moves suddenly once the lever is pressed. There are some designs whereby the actuator is being operated with the aid of a spring (long). The reason why it is used in various applications today is its precise switching position. This makes it play the role of a limit switch to perfection in such devices or appliances. 

Another reason why the switch has been very accurate and concise is how the springs are usually constructed. For instance, you will discover they have 2 springs. One of these is playing the role of conductor for current. This is responsible for its fast response once the switch is pressed as it goes from its resting state into an active state whereby current can power an electrical device or appliance.  A recent survey carried out showed that most electronic manufacturers prefer making use these switches in their products. This is especially obvious when it comes to how they are turned/off automatically. It is one of the reasons which have prompted experts to predict that micro switches will be included in more electrical appliances by 2025. This is because they have been discovered to have much high level of accuracy and precision as compared to other conventional switches. 

Easy testing process for repair

There are times when you may choose to fix your micro switch as against buying a completely new one. For instance, it is possible you can’t find the exact micro switch needed for a particular appliance. At such point, it will be much better fixing the one you already have.  This is one reason why micro switches have managed to win the heart of many people in recent times. Testing them doesn’t require any special knowledge as such can be done by following simple instructions. 

Most of the time, when you open some switches, their designs/structures can be very daunting. This means you may feel discouraged to test whether they are working or not. Micro switches are different as they have been structured in the simplest way to ensure anyone with basic knowledge about electrical switches can make them work. For instance, their components are simple to understand. Just as said above, you only need to locate their contact points such as normally closed, normally open and common. 

Are you wondering how this can be done in the simplest way? The steps below will help you get started on how to test a micro switch today. This knowledge will help you save some money as you can handle such process yourself instead of hiring the services of a professional repairer. 

Please note that you need an ohm meter in order to effectively test a micro switch. Once such has been gotten, you can follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1


Have the ohm meter turned on. After that, its function should be selected. You will also need to have its resistance range adjusted. “x1” is the recommended range for this tutorial. Please if your ohm meter comes with autorange capability. 

Step 2


You need to verify whether such ohm meter is actually functioning or not. To be sure, ensure the probe tips are touched together. Once the probes are coming in contact with each other, your meter should display around 1ohm or even less. If the reading is high, such can imply your meter isn’t working well as expected. 

On the other hand, it shouldn’t be a situation whereby there is no reading. This also means something has gone wrong with your meter. The picture above shows how probe tips can be touched together to know whether a meter is working as it ought to or not. 

Step 3


Once you have successfully completed step 2, have the red lead connected to any of the terminals on your micro switch. The black lead should be connected to the other terminal. You can see how it has been done in the above diagram. As you do this, ensure the switch is already in its “on” position. This will help the meter to read whether it is working. The switch is “on” once the meter is displaying 1ohm or something lesser. 

Step 4


This time around, you will need to put the micro switch in its “off” position or resting state. Your meter is expected to display high resistance of OL. This implies that it is off and not working.  You can see the meter’s reading in the picture above. It shows the switch is “off”. 

How to find out whether your micro switch is working 

Don’t do this process once and come to a conclusion since your judgment may not be correct. Instead, try to repeat it over and over again. As your micro switch is being pressed on/off, the meter reading will be changing. If this doesn’t happen, it simply means such micro switch is defective. You can either check what is wrong with it in order to have such fixed or purchase another one to ensure your electrical device or appliance is working as expected. 

In a situation whereby such switch can’t be fixed, it is possible to hire a repair professional who can help out. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to bother about how to get it working again. The fault may be something minor which can be fixed in no time. 

Secrets you should know about micro switches

Based on the facts revealed about micro switches, there is no doubt that you can’t wait to purchase one which can help your electrical appliance function as expected. However, you have to understand that there are times when such benefits may not be experienced. Some of these factors can be avoided while others cannot since they are not within your control. This section will be looking at some of the reasons why micro switches may not perform optimally in electrical appliances. 

1 - Wear and tear

It doesn’t really matter how an item is durable as depreciation is always meant to be experienced after some period of time. The same can be said for micro switches you will come across in the market. Although they are very durable, you have to understand they aren’t invincible. This means they are prone to depreciation after some years of usage. Home appliances make use of micro switches which come with one million cycles. 

Industrial appliances on the other hand, use micro switches with around ten million cycles. As time goes on, yours will be affected by wear and tear factor. This is one problem you can’t avoid or have control over. At such point, it is recommended you have yours changed to ensure it is functioning as expected. 

2 - Disconnected wires 

This problem is usually experienced by people who want their micro switches to power devices. It is usually as a result of poor connection. In this situation, your micro switch will work initially and stop abruptly. Such is only pointing to the fact that the wires are not contacting properly with the terminals. When this happens, you will need to restart the connection process again. One of the most effective ways that can help you avoid this issue is using solder iron. 

The benefit of solder iron is that it makes the wires to be firm when attached to the micro switch’s terminals. This ensures that there is no problem related to lack of contact after it has been used for some time. Unfortunately, this is the only way to stop bothering about disconnected wires in a switch. In case you don’t know how to solder wires, it is recommended you watch some videos online. This process isn’t complicated or technical to understand. 

3 - The wrong switch

Using the wrong switch can cause you lots of problems than you will ever imagine. It means instead of experiencing the benefits of micro switch as explained in this post, your device/appliance will underperform. Don’t ever make the mistake of purchasing any micro switch you come across. This is because they are of different types. This implies that some can work perfectly in your device while others won’t. 

It is possible to find various types of micro switches on auctioning sites. These platforms are existing to help you get products at ridiculous prices. Another way to avoid purchasing an incompatible switch is asking the seller whether such can function as an alternative. The truth about micro switches is that some are difficult to find. You may stumble upon them eventually but not without some hardwork. 

4 - Low quality switches

There are lots of stores claiming to sell high quality micro switches in the market today. You may fall victim to all of these claims without the right knowledge on how to go about such process. Micro switches have lots of benefits that you can experience over the years. One of the most notable is durability. This is due to the materials they have been produced with to ensure your needs are met without any compromise. 

However, there are lots of low quality micro switches. Some of them can even expose you and your loved ones to the risk of electric shock. This is because they lack the needed materials that would have prevented such problem. Always ensure you have researched about an electrical switch before deciding to buy it.  Furthermore, don’t get carried away by the low prices most sellers may want to offer. In some cases, the quality of such micro switches must have been compromised in one way or another. 


Based on the above, it is obvious that micro switches are one of the most effective ways to power any device. Not using them in your electrical appliances today will limit their functions to a great extent. This means you won’t get good value for money which can be very frustrating in lots of regards. In order to experience the benefits of such switches, it is very important you also get the best amongst others. That is to say, avoid the temptation of buying low quality switches since such will cause you more harm than good.

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