how to get sip informations from unimrcp

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Nov 24, 2022, 9:01:16 AM11/24/22
to UniMRCP

I used unimrcp1.7.0, and i need to know the detail of SIP info.

unimrcp pass the callback to nua_create, like this:

static nua_t* mrcp_sofia_nua_create(void *obj, su_root_t *root)
nua_t *nua;
mrcp_sofia_agent_t *sofia_agent = obj;
mrcp_sofia_server_config_t *sofia_config = sofia_agent->config;

/* Create a user agent instance. The stack will call the 'event_callback()' * callback when events such as succesful registration to network, * an incoming call, etc, occur. */ nua = nua_create(     root, /* Event loop */     mrcp_sofia_event_callback, /* Callback for processing events */     sofia_agent, /* Additional data to pass to callback */     NUTAG_URL(sofia_agent->sip_bind_str), /* Address to bind to */     NUTAG_AUTOANSWER(0),     NUTAG_APPL_METHOD("OPTIONS"),     TAG_IF(sofia_config->sip_t1,NTATAG_SIP_T1(sofia_config->sip_t1)),     TAG_IF(sofia_config->sip_t2,NTATAG_SIP_T2(sofia_config->sip_t2)),     TAG_IF(sofia_config->sip_t4,NTATAG_SIP_T4(sofia_config->sip_t4)),     TAG_IF(sofia_config->sip_t1x64,NTATAG_SIP_T1X64(sofia_config->sip_t1x64)),     SIPTAG_USER_AGENT_STR(sofia_config->user_agent_name),     TAG_IF(sofia_config->tport_log == TRUE,TPTAG_LOG(1)), /* Print out SIP messages to the console */     TAG_IF(sofia_config->tport_dump_file,TPTAG_DUMP(sofia_config->tport_dump_file)), /* Dump SIP messages to the file */     TAG_END()); /* Last tag should always finish the sequence */ return nua;


the callback funtion is defined as:

static void mrcp_sofia_event_callback(
nua_event_t nua_event,
int status,
char const *phrase,
nua_t *nua,
mrcp_sofia_agent_t *sofia_agent,
nua_handle_t *nh,
mrcp_sofia_session_t *sofia_session,
sip_t const *sip,
tagi_t tags[])
i can get sip info when the sofia-sip get INVITE from client, and call the callback, but when sofia-sip response to the client, it made the sip pointer NULL, so I can not get the SIP info.

Arsen Chaloyan

Dec 22, 2022, 8:21:16 PM12/22/22
In the scope of regular SDP offer/answer, the handler mrcp_sofia_event_callback() is invoked multiple times. You may need to reference the sip_t object with nua_r_invite. The object is NULL with nua_i_state and nua_i_active events.

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