Bluepad v3.1.0 released

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Ricardo Quesada

Apr 14, 2022, 11:53:52 PMApr 14
to Unijoysticle

I've just released a new firmware version: v3.1.0



  • Wii: Add support for Rumble
  • Arduino,AirLift,NINA: Add support for "get gamepad properties" and "enable Bluetooth connections"
  • Gamepad: Add support for Nintendo SNES (Swicth Online)


  • 8BitDo: "Dinput" mode mappings updated to match the other modes' mappings: Button "-" / "select" maps to BUTTON_BACK Button "+" / "start" maps to BUTTON_HOME BUTTON_SYSTEM is not mapped any more.
  • Nintendo Joycons mappings updated for the "-", "+", "home" and "capture". The button that is at the left, is mapped to BUTTON_BACK The button that is at the right, is mapped to BUTTON_HOME
  • Arduino: Example code supports multiple gamepad connections Internally ArduinoGamepad.h was refactored to better support "gamepad properties".
  • Wii: When in accelerometer mode (wheel):
    • Dpad can be used, useful for menu navigation
    • Button "1" is brake (Dpad down)
    • Button "2" is Throttle (Dpad up)
    • "Up" and "Down" disabled from Accelerometer
  • Unijoysticle: Disable Bluetooth connections once two gamepads are connected, or when in "Enhanced Mode". Re-enable when that's not the case.


  • Arduino/NINA/AirLift: Assign gamepad type at connection time: Bug #10
  • Compile-time error if ACL connections are not least 2 Bug #11
  • "Enable/Disable Bluetooth connections" works everytime it is called.

Let me know if you have any question/doubt/etc. ty!
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