"New model": Unijoysticle 2+

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Ricardo Quesada

Oct 9, 2021, 3:12:03 PM10/9/21
to Unijoysticle
Hi all,

I've just released a "new model" of the Unijoysticle 2 device, the "Unijoysticle 2+" :)


Some of the new features are:

  • Case friendly (although I haven't done any case for it yet)
  • Smaller footprint, looks much better
  • Fix the noise the C128 (issue  #17)
  • Supports 2 & 3 buttons in the Amiga/AtariST for port 2 (port 1 was already supported) (requires update in firmware... WIP).
Some of the "same" features:
  • Same firmware: Both Unijoysticle 2 and 2+ run using the same firmware.
  • Open source / open hardware. You can create your own devices.

Please see the updated User Guide for details, more photos, etc: https://gitlab.com/ricardoquesada/unijoysticle2/-/blob/master/docs/user_guide.md

Last, but not least, the new price for the assembled unit is $35 (before it was $60).
By migrating to SMD, I was able to reduce the cost of the components... and also my time :)

If anyone is interested in the "new model", let me know. I only have 5 units available ATM (waiting for a batch to arrive... but might take a while).

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions, etc...

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