v2.0.0-beta0 released

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Ricardo Quesada

Nov 23, 2020, 9:05:01 PM11/23/20
to Unijoysticle

I've just released firmware v2.0.0-beta0

Download from:

(download the bluepad32-unijoysticle.zip file!)

## [2.0.0-beta0] - 2020-11-20

- Firmware: Added support Sony DualSense (PS5) and DualShock3 (PS3) gamepads
- Platform: Added support for AirLift family of modules
- Refactor: Move platform logic to "platforms". Uni_hid_device is simpler,
less error-prone. Platforms should implement their own logic.
Added more events to platforms like connect, disconnect, ready.
- Misc: Firmware extracted from Unijoysticle2 project and make it its own
project. Easier for other non-unijoysticle user to integrate into their
own projects. New name for the firmware: "bluepad32".
- tools:
- Compiles & updated to new btstack code
- Added "circuitpython_paint.py": Example of how to use Bluepad32 with
MatrixPortal M4 (AirLift)
- BTstack: Using master 2020-10-07 - 16f6f81ae588cf9f7d69b19328eee69fbd03db94
- ESP-IDF: Using v4.1

As mentioned in previous email, the firmware project is hosted in its
own repo now:
* bluepad32: https://gitlab.com/ricardoquesada/bluepad32

The hardware part of the Unijoysticle (board, layout, etc.) will
continue to be hosted in the Unijoysticle2 repo:
* https://github.com/ricardoquesada/unijoysticle2

Let me know if you have any questions, doubt, etc. Thanks!
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