Firmware update: Bluepad32 v2.4.0 released

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Ricardo Quesada

Dec 26, 2021, 7:46:08 PM12/26/21
to Unijoysticle

I've just released a new firmware update: Bluepad32 v2.4.0.

The most important fix for Unijoysticle users is that re-connect should be working Ok.

Download it from here:

Full changelog:


  • Arduino platform: This time for real. Generic ESP32 modules are supported. It is possible to have Bluepad32 + Arduino in a generic ESP32 module. Supported via ESP-IDF toolchain. A "bluepad32_arduino" ESP-IDF component was added with helper classes.
  • Bluepad32 is a ESP-IDF "component": It makes easier to embed Bluepad32 in other projects.
  • BLE: WIP. For the moment it is disabled.


  • Update BTStack. Using hash: 0f2a810173d1d70943d1c915bffd6f9b1171e8f6
  • Update ESP-IDF to latest v4.3 version. Using hash: da6c5be6c15e1c1854d91787fa166f426568d678
  • uses new ESP-IDF cmake functions, works as intented
  • sdkconfig: removed. Using sdkconfig.defauls now. Easier to mantain.
  • sdkconfig: coredump is stored in flash, and not dumped in UART console.
  • Kconfig: Moved most uni_config.h defines to Kconfig
  • uni_conn: Placed connection variables in uni_conn instead of having them in uni_device. uni_device has a uni_conn_t now.
  • clang-format: switched to 4-space indent, 120-column-width


  • crc32_le() fixed. ESP32 does not call our code. Fixes core dumps and other related crc32 features.
  • Unijoysticle: Turn off LEDs when gamepad disconnects.
  • core: When a gamepad disconnects, it resets it state, allowing re-connecting it again (issue #1)

As always, feel free to ping should you have any questions. Thanks!
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