Re: VMWare's Vcloud API still hazy, Ambitions are clear

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Michael Richardson

Feb 25, 2009, 5:06:30 PM2/25/09
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>>>>> "Pat" == Pat Wendorf <> writes:
Pat> That's the plan, we have one of our developers merging the
Pat> details of the base.owl file, which much better represents this
Pat> level of detail, with cloud.owl (which allows more "stuff" to
Pat> be represented).

/me looks at base.owl
It seems to be mostly the same ideas, less abstractly expressed.

>> A real, practical thing about moving a Guest Machine from a
>> provider (say, me!) that is running classic XEN 3.x with a
>> self-patched 2.6.16 or 2.6.18 PV guest kernel to 2.6.26 "native"
>> paravirt, is that the partitions were "raw" before (i.e. "sda4"
>> <-> /dev/VolGroup00/Guest1Home) while they mostly insist on
>> putting partition tables in them now. Is this the kind of thing
>> that needs to be expressed here?

Pat> Assuming the machine is PV, absolutely. Looking at the doc
Pat> now, I don't see how we would express this (in classes or
Pat> properties), so this kind of configuration should be broken
Pat> into component pieces and represented in the tree.

This all amounts to various flavours of "storage driver" which is
presented to the system. Then the question of which formats are
supported by which drivers, and how easy it is to convert from one
format to another.
I would like to be able to ask the questions:
a) who can support my configuration "as-is"?
b) who can provide me a service to convert from cloud-A to cloud-B.

(Of course, I'd like to ask a web service this question)

I have been looking at MOSIX recently (and OpenMosix and LPMI) for
reasons I won't explain. These kinds of things may figure into some of
the application_container space.

>> I also do not see anything about network interfaces under
>> "VM_Container", nor do I see how I might explain that I need
>> three guest machines connected with a virtual switch. Does this
>> kind of thing fit in?

Pat> I think the networking component is one level above the
Pat> VM_Container, it's possible that the switch a VM connects to
Pat> could be referenced with a property. That's a pretty easy one
Pat> to add in.

I think that there is a concept of: "System" or "Solution"
which contains many VM_Containers, many Virtual_Switches, and specifies
how the the Network interfaces (which are part-of) the VM_Containers
connect to the ports (which are part-of switches).

I will have to play with Protege to understand how it wants me to
explain connected-to and part-of...
{maybe I just upload my Rails models? :-) }

Is anyone familiar with any specifications from the *physical* world?
Asset management systems, or data-centre configuration management
systems for instance?

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