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Sep 25, 2022, 1:58:25 PMSep 25
to UniBone
Hi all,

I have my unibone working and I have worked through the memory checks on my memory card and all was ok.

I have been logging on using SSH. But next I wanted to emulate a cpu using the memory card and so tried to logon via the serial console.  After waiting the usual time I get nothing but garbage on the screen.

I have tried using serial tools on my MacBook, using PuTTy on Windows and using a VT132. The result is always the same.

I tried logging on with no other card on the backplane with no change.

I tried varying the stop bits, parity and baud rate - but nothing made any difference.

I have checked out the connections to the Maxim3232 and the voltages are correct and the connections to the BBB from the Max3232 are also ok. I cannot see from the schematics that there is anything else in the circuit.

I have tried different cables but again no difference

I have a serial cable connected to UART1 with a nul modem connector.

I have attached photos of the output on the MacBook and on the VT132.  

How do others have this setup - do I have to do this via Linux.  I have linux but couldn't get minicom to respond. 

Can anyone throw any light on this?

thanks for any help

Jay Jaeger

Sep 25, 2022, 4:29:28 PMSep 25
to UniBone
Normally UART1 is running a Linux "getty" process, automaticall logged in.  If you do

ps -ef | grep getty

You should see it (ttyS1).

Terminal should be set for 9600 bps, NO parity, ONE stop bit.  (9600 8 N 1)

The null modem is correct

Note that the pinouts on the two UART 10 pin connectors are NOT, I say NOT "PC Typical".  I made my own.  

Ribbon Pin  =>   DB9: 1=>1,   2=> 6,   3=> 2,   4 => 7,   5 => 3,   6 => 8,  7 => 4,  8 => 9,  9 => 5

Suggest you check that particular cable, against the PC-standard DB9 connector and the pinouts on the schematic.


Sep 25, 2022, 4:37:07 PMSep 25
to, UniBone
Also note that if you are emulating a DL11 running on the unibone PDP 1120 then you use UART number two And you run the demo Scripts that have DL 11 in their names.

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Hi all,
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Joerg Hoppe

Sep 26, 2022, 1:39:57 AMSep 26
to UniBone

this looks strange.

seems you excluded all the typical RS232 error sources.
More testing ideas:
- Yes, the RS232 is not "PC-style", instead made with crimp connectors and flat cable.
- Start with a fresh SDcard image, from
The Linux-login on UART1 is 96008N1
- Test the RS232-signal path including the Maxims:  plugout the BeagleBone, apply 3.3V to the Unibone,
connect MAX3232 pins 11 and 12. Then UART1 should loopback whatever you type into your MacBook-Terminal.
- If possible, change the BeagleBone.


donald forsyth

Sep 26, 2022, 5:42:18 AMSep 26
to Joerg Hoppe, Jay Jaeger, UniBone
Joerg, Jay,

It was the cable.  I had built the cable from the kit, but I didn’t have a male-female null modem connector so I used a pc cable.

I have the right null modem connector now and it worked straight away.

many thanks for your assistance

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