14 pin header on Unibone vs 10 pin headers on i2c panel

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Jay Jaeger

Sep 22, 2022, 5:13:53 PMSep 22
to UniBone
I love the Unibone, and I understand why this choice was made.  That said, I don't think it was a great choice.  It increases cost, and adds frustration, at least in my case.  I didn't notice it when I ordered my connectors - basing my choice on the connectors on the i2c board.  I don't have any 14 pin IDC connectors on hand, and how have to purchase some, plus, it will make alignment of the cable in the 14 pin IDC connector a little bit tricky  - unless, I suppose, one used a 14 pin cable, and then cut the extra 4 wires off at the i2c panel connector end.

Also, if one were going to use a 14 pin connector, why not do it on both ends?

So, now I can't test my newly constructed i2c panel for another week while I wait for a 14 pin connector.


Joerg Hoppe

Sep 23, 2022, 12:15:20 AMSep 23
to uni...@googlegroups.com
Yes,  the 14-pin I2C is not a too lucky choice.
- I had to replace the previous 10 pin connector,  when somebody plugged
the 10pin RS232 into the 10pin I2C
    and blew the BeagleBone with 9Volt signals. That shouldn't happen
- at that time, already 10pin-RL02 panels where delivered and PCBs were
made, so these couldn't be changed accordingly.

Thats why we have now the request to squeeze a 10pin flat cable into the
middle of a 14 pin header.
Seemed the lesser of two evils to me.

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