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Diogo Etc.

Dec 12, 2018, 2:14:49 PM12/12/18
to Unhosted Web Apps
I'm using Firefox 63.0.3 and was trying to follow unhosted.org editor example.

When shift-clicking on the "data url" link, I am redirected to a new firefox window with "about:url" on the address bar.
In this page right clicking shows nothing and there is no shield showing up by default on the browser.
When I go to settings and click the shield entry ( Content Blocking), i have no idea what I should do.

If I just click on the link I stay on the same page.

To access the editor, I add to right click the link copy the link and past it in a new address bar.

Anywhere where I can edit this page so other users may spare some time with this ?

Cheers and Thank you for your work,

Michiel de Jong

Jan 17, 2020, 7:51:29 AM1/17/20
to Unhosted Web Apps
Hi Diogo,

Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't seen your post when you sent it originally.

I just tried it out and you're absolutely right, updated now to mention
"or copy the link location and paste it into another tab's URL bar" on
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