Is serverless the new unhosted?

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Pierre Ozoux

Mar 19, 2016, 3:11:56 AM3/19/16
Or is it just the business term for an open source project?

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Oct 25, 2016, 3:41:18 PM10/25/16
to Unhosted Web Apps
Great find Pierre.

Regarding the term "Serverless", the community is still converging on what that means. I think there's definite overlap with Unhosted, but where I see the terms separate is with regard to how much concern is regarded for backend infrastructure. For example, with AWS Lambda, I can focus precisely on business/secret logic around with no regard to physical or virtual hardware and I get monitoring out of the box. In contrast, with Unhosted, I may or may not use something like Lambda to feed my client-side application into the browser, and then in my application, it proxies data through a unified API a la remoteStorage that talks to some data providers (ie: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). What do you think?

Pierre Ozoux

Oct 25, 2016, 3:49:40 PM10/25/16
Yes, obviously it is a bit different :)

Serverless was coined by Amazon.

But remote storage is a bit limitating, as it doesn't handle the compute
part, it just handles the data part.
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