Job(s): Project Manager & Senior Dev, in Blockchain + Commons Research Project @Madrid

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David Llop

Jul 19, 2018, 7:13:51 AM7/19/18
to Unhosted Web Apps

We want to build a new type of Collaborative Economy organizations, which are decentralized, democratic and economically sustainable. Would you like to join us?

P2P Models, a 5-year 1.5M€ research project, is hiring:

- a Project/Communication Manager

- a Senior Blockchain Developer

They will join an interdisciplinary team in Madrid, doing research & building tools with social impact

Tweet thread:

Working at P2P Models is an opportunity to collaborate with people passionate to create social impact, in an environment which mixes academics, hackers, designers and activists. We do research on commons-oriented communities, and build blockchain-driven frameworks and tools to support their sustainability.

More info:

  • Funded by the largest EU individual research grant, the ERC, and the first to build blockchain infrastructure

  • With Principal Investigator and advisors from Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, such as Yochai Benkler or Primavera De Filippi

  • Dynamic, young, interdisciplinary team with a horizontal and inclusive culture

  • Combines social research + software tool building, focusing on social impact

  • Attractive work conditions and perks, with multiple benefits

Feel free to write any question/doubt to including in the subject “Open position”. The positions are meant to start in Fall, so applicants are encouraged to submit asap.

François Kooman

Jul 19, 2018, 10:49:50 AM7/19/18

Here the awesome response from someone from the SocialSwarm-D list.
Apparently it was not spam! I already deleted it... Hah!


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Subject: Re: [SocialSwarm-D] Job(s): Project Manager & Senior Dev, in
Blockchain + Commons Research Project @Madrid
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 16:33:16 +0200
From: carlo von lynX <>
CC: David Llop <>

On 07/19/2018 03:49 PM, David Llop wrote:
> Dear social swarmers, are any of you interested in re-decentralizing the
> web using blockchain?

Totally in favour, but let's first clean out the bullshit speech from
the job description. I know you had to use that bullshit to get the EU
grants, but… technically speaking, it's bullshit.


Blockchain is a distributed consensus mechanism that involves the
majority of Internet nodes to agree on a common consensus. It has
plenty of overhead and does not decentralize the web. It doesn't
even provide a reasonable naming and addressing scheme.

> We want to build a new type ofCollaborative Economy organizations, which
> are decentralized, democratic andeconomically sustainable. Would you
> like to join us?

No, would *YOU* like to join *US* because that is what WE HAVE BEEN
DOING since 2010 or so, please visit for all the

> P2P Models <>, a 5-year 1.5M€ research project, is
> hiring:

We've already spent that kind of money figure on this kind of
technology. The result is called GNUnet and a prototype version has
just been released.

> - a Project/Communication Manager> - a Senior Blockchain Developer

Wrong job description. All blockchain developers have been working
on an ancient and rudimentary P2P library that can't even fence off
sybil attacks. What you need is to recruit Prof. Grothoff or other
senior GNUnet developers to show you how to do a mesh networking
backend that can re-decentralize the web and also safely host a
blockchain-like consensus mechanism… in case you find a valid use
case for it. You plan to use DAO's? Cool… but which problem does it
solve other than consuming crazy amounts of energy?

But even then you will probably also need a senior secushare
developer to explain to you how to make scalable distribution
systems without resorting to cloud technology... or otherwise
you'll end up with a decentralized web that can't handle
cloud-like performance.

So now you ask… if this guy is criticizing blockchain so harshly
and nobody knows how to counter his criticism, could he be right?
But why then does the EU and oh so many people put all their bets
and moneys on blockchain? Can they possibly be all wrong? Here's
the explanation: blockchain is the first technology which is itself
the bet — everyone who owns some BTC, ETH or whatever HAS A VESTED
THING. But strangely so, we have hardly seen any uses that aren't
either cheating (by including external authorities for example) or
easier to accomplish with other kinds of tech.

Blockchain does not work for naming, because first-come-first-served
is not a principle that acceptably reproduces legal requirements.
Blockchain does not work for contracts because the justice system
has the last word no matter how many or few bugs you coded in your DAO.
Blockchain does not work against inequality because all the super-rich
will not participate in a redistribution scheme to their disadvantage.
Blockchain has only worked for two purposes so far: Darknet criminality
and speculation on top of that.

> They will join an interdisciplinary team in Madrid, doing research &
> building tools with social impact

Madrid? Nice.

Call me up if you are ready to handle a serious discussion questioning
your ideology and beliefs and rather talk in facts and reality checks.

Please use the attached PGP key for an encrypted reply or meet me on my
torified chat server.
torify telnet loupsycedyglgamf.onion

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