Call to action and User created validation systems

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Chris Blumberg

Jul 12, 2011, 5:39:50 PM7/12/11
Hello everyone,

in relation to the phone call we just had I have some ideas.

Users creating there own hunch correctness schemes:

Create groups for specific evidence types, examples:
Government websites
Non government websites
Plain text(such as tweets)

Allow the User to set a specific weight associated with each group which would then be multiplied by the strength of the evidence. By default all weights are set as 1 for the groups, thus whatever strength it is voted, that is its strength in relation to the credibility of the hunch.

For example a hunch has 2 evidences associated with it. 
A government website, voted strongly supports (+2)
A non government website, voted supports (+1)

If the user sets Government websites as a weight of 2, and non government websites a weight of 1, this would give credibility of +4 and +1 respectively thus making the hunch more trusted by the user then what HunchWorks says it is. The inverse would also do the same, if the government website is voted as strongly refutes (-2) this would give a value of -4 for credibility as the weight is just multiplied by the value, thus making the hunch much less trustworthy then what HunchWorks determines it as. 

This should solve issues with normalizing, while allowing users to define their own trustworthiness of hunches. Also the user should be able to add additional items under the categories such as government websites and non government websites.

Call to action
Allow the creator the ability to create call to actions and suggest ideas, and the creator can invite other groups/users that are working on the hunch to suggest ideas or create a call to action. We could also give specific groups within hunchworks, such as the UN, the ability to always make a call to action. 

The creator of the call to action and/or hunch can set privacy setting for the call to action.
Open: All contributors on hunch can post ideas, can vote on ideas.
Closed: Only invited can create ideas, All users can vote
Hidden: only the invited users/groups can create ideas, only invited users/groups can vote. 

Speaking briefly with Sara after the phone conference, she believes we should do the inverse of this.

All users/groups should be able to make a call to action unless the creator of the hunch specifies otherwise. So only the creator of the hunch can limit who can make call to actions.

Hopefully this will help,

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